Here at Wicker Darling, we subscribe to the concept that more is more. More colours. More attitude. More purses. More accessories FOR your purses. You can never have too many unique purses and bags in your collection, so we’re here to help you find a few more that you’re sure to love. 

If you’ve ever played “This or That,” then you’ll have a pretty good idea what we’re doing with this blog post. Except we would never expect you to choose just ONE item from our wicker menagerie, nor would we ever ask you to play favourites (heaven forbid!) Instead, we are going to play “This AND That.”

What, exactly, do we mean? Well, my exquisite sartorial seraphs, we are going to take a classic from our collection of unique purses and bags, and pair it with a newer item from our selection of accessories. An item that exudes some of the same fabulous qualities as its lovely predecessor. 

You see, it’s very possible that you missed out on one of our unique shaped purses when it first debuted. And what’s a vintage collector to do when their favourite wicker chonk has been retired!? 

Well, you simply buy the related accessory.

And, if you DID manage to snatch up one of our unique purses and bags before they went into much-deserved retirement, then we just know you’d love to add some similar sassy arm candy to your collection. 

So let’s get right down to it! Today, we’re pairing you up with fun accessories based on the unique purses and bags of past and present. If you loved our bags (or elements of them) then we’re sure you’ll fall for these fabulous new additions to the Wicker Darling collection. 

This AND that: pairing unique purses to swoon over

Forget counting calories - we’re adding up accessories. Here are my favourite match-ups for the unique purses and bags our Wicker Family has come to know and love.  

If you loved our flamboyant flamingo bags…

You simply need to snatch up one of our flamingo keychains. 

Who DOESN’T love Annie, Monty, or Chile the flamingo? These character-filled flamingo purses are what started it all at Wicker Darling, and are the reason you have so many unique purses and bags to choose from now. 

In short, we simply wouldn’t exist if I hadn’t obsessed over finding a flamingo purse so much that I decided to make my own! And, if you may refer to our logo, flamingos are still very much what we are about. 

If you have been obsessing over our flamingos yourself (either because you’ve been collecting these beaky birds, or because you haven’t managed to grab one of your own), HAVE NO FEAR! You can easily add our iconic bird artistry to your collection with our new flamingo accessories.

And, my excitable minxes, you’ll be pleased to know that we have TWO new styles of beaky bauble heading your way. 

The first is an itty bitty wicker flamingo keychain, made with incredible skill and care by our kickass ateliers in the Philippines. (I still don’t understand the magic they can work on such a small package.) 

After much testing and deliberation, we have decided that this wicker keychain will come hand painted, with a special care disclaimer. You see, this rather flouncy flamingo can create a ruckus as it dangles and bumps - but only if it’s clasped onto another wicker purse. If placed on a cloth bag, backpack, or duffel, you will be more than fine. (You can read all about the behind the scenes trials of our flamingo purse charms for handbags if you so choose.) 

We also have another flamingo offering for your consideration. And that is a flamingo coin purse. A beautiful, bright pink, leather flamingo coin purse, in fact. 

The coin purse comes with an attached gold clip, so you can easily hook it to your unique purses and bags, carry-on luggage, keychain, backpack, or belt loop. 

And wouldn’t your iconic flamingo bags look just EXTRA fabulous with another flamingo flapping on their handles? (We certainly think so.)

If you loved our cute sausage dog purse…

You’ll adore our upcoming collection of dog coin purses. 

Our lovable lowriders, Frank and Chorizo the dachshund handbags, will soon be joined by some sassy new characters. Meet the new hounds around town, our adorable dog coin purses. 

Our sausage dog coin purse is made from brown leather with an attached gold clip and convenient zipper closure. He will faithfully store your coins, your chapstick, or other such small essentials (but you can forget it if you think he will hold your phone for you). 

Equally loveable (and somewhat more of a surprise, I think) is our Scottish terrier coin purse! That’s right, we’re bringing an all new dog breed to Wicker Darling, and we promise, there are more pups to come! 

Our stately Scotty is all glorious angles, and his dark leather silhouette will instantly add finesse and attitude to any of your unique purses and bags. A Scotty is stoic and aristocratic, but every bit as fun as a sausage dog. Pop this pup on your purse and you’ll be the talk of the town! 

If you love the silk lining of our wicker bags…

You’re going to gush over our square and rectangular silk fashion scarves. 

Our growing range of gorgeous silk scarves will look equally amazing adorning your hair, your neck, or your unique purses and bags from Wicker Darling. 

We have a breezy Amalfi lemon scarf featuring flamingos, flowers, and a beautiful Italian tile background in shades of blue and white. This citrus-y scarf will be the perfect match for our seasonal fruit purse collection, and would of course be simply smashing around the neck of one of our flamingo bags. 

If you’re looking for a more tropical flare, we’ve got you covered there too, with a punchy orange silk scarf with tropical flora, toucans, and (of course) more flamingos. This tropical bird scarf would go very well with any of our sunny bags, from our cockatoos to our toucans to our fancy pineapple purse. 

We very much intend to expand our line of silk scarves, and include a whole range of shapes and sizes and colours. Some will be simple but stunning colour-blocked silk scarves to zhuzh up your wicker, and others will have bespoke designs that scream Wicker Darling from the rooftops. 

We can’t WAIT to share them all with you. And the best thing is, they are all going to be in stock options, so you can snatch them up whenever you please. In fact, that is true of the majority of our accessories, from mini coin purses to silk scarves and clutch purses

And speaking of clutches…

If you loved our tropical toucan purses…

You’re going to absolutely fall for our Australiana clutch and other tropical bird clutch bags

At Wicker Darling, we are actively working to expand our range of unique purses and bags to make them more versatile for our fashionable fans. We started by examining some of our (rather cumbersome) wicker purses, and redesigning them in more manageable packaging. 

Tallulah the Toucan bag was no exception. I have always had a soft spot for Tallulah, but Tallulah didn’t have a single soft spot for me. No, this rotund avian accessory is more bull than bird when it comes to delicate affairs. And, I thought, perhaps people would appreciate a toucan purse with slightly more manageable dimensions. 

And so, Toucan Tango our second toucan purse was born! More sleek, more versatile, and equally as adorable as his predecessor. 

But as I kept pondering about the increased versatility of our unique purses and bags, I got to thinking about new styles. Because, if there is anything to show from the history of handbags, it’s that only having one style of purse simply won’t cut it. 

We need all sorts of unique purses and bags in our accessory arsenal. And so I thought, perhaps, my Wicker Family might be interested in a clutch. 

Of course, I never do anything halfway at Wicker Darling, and before I knew it I had more clutch designs than I could count on my fingers! (Yes, there are a few you don’t even know about yet.)

If you love our tropical toucan purses in particular, I think our tropical bird clutches will swoop in and steal your heart. We have a beautiful pink tropicana clutch featuring a toucan and a flamingo, as well as an Australiana clutch featuring flora and fauna very near and dear to my Aussie heart. 

And, as in stock options, these hand-embroidered clutches can be very near and dear to your closet in no time at all! 

If you loved our whimsical unicorn handbags…

You will think our sleek unicorn clutch is absolute magic. 

You didn’t really think I would stick to average clutch shapes, did you? Absolutely not. I’m all about figural purses - so now we have figural animal clutches to add to our collection! 

Many of you, my lovely lemons, keep enquiring about more unicorns. I concur that our Viv the Unicorn and Victor the Unicorn bags are absolutely perfect as can be - but they are also retired. So I needed a new way to please the fantasy-obsessed masses…and this is it! 

Victoria the Rainbow Unicorn Clutch takes after Victor with her glorious rainbow mane and tail. Her much thinner frame makes her fabulous for a night on the town, or even (delicately!) packing in your carry-on luggage. This girl’s going places. 

If you loved our sassy cat purses…

You’ll want to get your mitts on Aramis, our black leather mouse coin purse

Aramis would be a “squeal-worthy” accessory for Armel, Oscar or Orangey the cat, our purrfectly stunning cat handbags. And while our cute kitties come with a mouse coin purse of their very own, this sleek black mouse is a whole other calibre of accessory. 

You see, the mouse that comes with our OG kitties was also our OG coin purse, and we have continued to make tweaks and upgrades to the style. Your unique purses and handbags deserve the VERY best. Especially if they are cats. Because cats demand it.

But don’t deny it, we know you want to pamper your wicker puss anyway, and the Aramis mouse coin purse is the best way to do it!

Keep collecting those unique purses and bags! 

When it comes to unique purses and bags, you can never have enough. But I do realise, sometimes, your bank account might insist otherwise. In these cases, it would be helpful for you to know that we have flexible purse payment plans at Wicker Darling, so you can safely fund your accessory addiction. 

We accept many forms of payment, including Afterpay and a range of in-house options. So if you NEED new unique purses and handbags, there is nothing stopping you! And I mean NOTHING. Come peruse our in stock (and ever growing) selection of clutch bags, coin purses, and other wicker accessories at Wicker Darling.