Whether you’re a huge fan of dinosaur purses, or are simply living for our holiday-themed content at Wicker Darling, we’ve got you covered today. We’re bringing you an all new (holiday) dinosaur purse design, as well as 40 fabulous dinosaur valentine puns for your special day. 

I’ve come to discover that I’ve grossly underestimated my Wicker Family’s love of holiday content. But if our seasonal bat purse, or Jingle Belle the reindeer purse have been any indication, you all are almost as OBSESSED with holidays as I am. 

And I am here for it. 

In fact, I want to foster your love of holiday-themed content in more ways than one. Physically, with more holiday bags, and emotionally, with the most ridiculous holiday puns I can think of. And we all know which holiday is coming up.

Whether you love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is here to stay. (But whatever you say, you can’t argue with that colour scheme.) And at Wicker Darling, we want to help you excel at your valentine gift giving with the most outrageous puns possible. 

Which is why this year, we are focusing on dinosaur valentine puns. And not just a few dinosaur valentine puns either. Oh no - when it comes to dinosaurs, one can only go BIG. So we’ve put together a list for you of our top 40 dinosaur puns, as well as a V-Day dinosaur purse that’s sure to charm your socks straight off. 

40 dinosaur valentine puns for your amusement

When it comes to our dinosaur purse collection, we’ve written all sorts of wonderful things, from dinosaur facts, to a general introduction to our dinosaur accessories, to the history of the incredible women that inspired our dinosaur bags

But we haven’t specifically covered dinosaur puns yet - so this needed to be changed in a substantial way. 

Brace yourself for dinosaur valentine puns of ridiculous proportion. Some are sweet, some are sassy, and some are downright raunchy, so we’ve split them up into sections so you know which dinosaur valentine puns are more fit for school - or seduction! 

Whether you’re looking for dino puns for friends and family, dinosaur love puns for your sweetheart, or the best dinosaur valentine puns for your child to pass around the classroom, we have the best selection of prehistoric valentine content for you right here. 

Cute and kid-friendly dinosaur valentine puns

Not all valentines are for lovers. In fact, I have very fond memories of handing out valentines to my classmates as a child. So whether you're looking for valentines for children or adults, here are some platonic dinosaur valentine puns safe for school, work, and your favourite social circles. 

1. You are dino-mite!
2. You’re so adora-saurable.
3. You’re pterrific, valentine.
4. How are you so t-rexcellent?
5. I think you are the tricera-TOPS.
6. You look a-roar-able, valentine.
7. Thanks for being my friendosaurus.
8. You’re ext-roar-dinary, valentine.
9. You’re totally rawr-some.
10. I dino what I’d do without you.
11. I’m on tricera-top of the world with you.
12. Have a roar-some Valentine’s Day!
13. No bones about it, you’re great valentine! 

Sappy and sweet dinosaur valentine puns

Now most of you probably associate Valentine’s day with more than just great dinosaur puns. We’re talking romance here, folks. So no list of dinosaur valentine puns could possibly be complete without some romantic, lovey-dovey ones. 

I’ve rounded up quite a few dinosaur valentine puns that I think will strike a chord (or maybe earn an endearing eye-roll) from your special someone. 

14. You have me raptor round your finger.
15. You make my heart saur!
16. I dino-scored the day I met you.
17. You’re my amor-asaurus.
18. You’re a sight for saur eyes.
19. I’m all fossil-abrating our love.
20. Stegosaurme + Stegosauryou = Stegosaurus.
21. Without you, I’d be history.
22. I dino why, but I love you.
23. I’m so plea-stego out with you.
24. I’m enraptored by you.
25. Let’s steg together forever.
26. I love you saurrrrr much.
27. My life would be a rex without you.
28. Give me a diplodokiss.
29. I used to be scared to comet, but I’d gladly burn for you.
30. We make quite the pair-odactyls.
31. My heart was dino-sore until I met you, valentine.
32. We share a love of Jurassic proportions.

Ridiculous and raunchy dinosaur valentine puns

Not everything that happens on V-Day is safe for work, so to speak. And these raunchy dinosaur puns are certainly on that list! 

Sometimes, your valentine isn’t the love of your life, but someone you can share a bit of a cheeky pash with. If that’s the case, a sappy valentine can feel awkward and forced. We’ve got you covered there too! Your sexy someone will love our list of ridiculous and risque dinosaur valentine puns.

33. I want my arms raptor round you.
34. You’re giving me a massive t-rexion.
35. Before I loved you, I had a reptile dysfunction.
36. You have massive rex appeal.
37. Thanks for all the roargasms.
38. You’re the tricera-top to my tricera-bottom.
39. This dino’s horny for you, valentine.
40. You’ve got my roarmones raging.

Introducing our Valentine’s dinosaur purse! 

Now that you’ve had your fill of dinosaur puns, it’s time to unveil our festive dinosaur purse! This sweetheartsaurus is the latest edition to our Triceratops dinosaur tote bag family, joining Mary and Patricia the Triceratops in celebrating some inspiring female palaeontologists.

Our vivacious valentine darling is named Joan, after the marvellous Joan Wiffen, who first discovered that dinosaurs walked the mountainous reaches of New Zealand. 

Joan the triceratops purse is a flashy shade of hot pink, with a lovely red silk scarf around her elegant neck to kick off that Valentine’s spirit. Joan’s pink and red colour scheme make her the ideal accessory for your Valentine’s Day date, but she looks effortlessly fabulous at all times of the year. (Obviously, dinosaurs are TIMELESS). 

If you’re looking to snatch up our seasonal purses, this is the time to do it! All our rattan handbags at Wicker Darling are limited edition, and often only see one run before retirement. If you don’t grab Joan the Triceratops now, she might just go extinct before we see another Valentine’s Day! 

This is true of all the dinosaur purses in our menagerie, except for our dinosaur coin purses, which we will attempt to keep as in-stock options as long as supplies last. 

Have a roar-some V-day and beyond with our dinosaur purses!

Dinosaur purses are the ultimate classic, and our love for them is not going anywhere soon. Which is why a dinosaur handbag is an absolute MUST for your collection.

If you want to make your Valentine’s Day extra sweet, then Joan the Triceratops is your ticket. But I do realise not everyone shares my passionate fondness for pink, which is why I offer dinosaur accessories in all colours, shapes and sizes. 

Whether you’re looking for a purple dinosaur or an aquamarine one, we have something truly special for you in the dinosaur purse family at Wicker Darling. And it’s a family that is constantly growing! A new dinosaur coin purse, dinosaur handbag (or even a dinosaur clutch) could stomp into our workroom at any time.