Birds of a feather flock together and baby boo, if you're here looking for a pink flamingo purse, your search is over. You've reached the pot at the end of the rainbow and found the secret garden. Which happens to be full of perfectly-poised pink flamingo purses just begging to be propped on your arm.


Whether you want a solo bird or the whole dang flamboyance, our Wicker Darling bags won't leave you wanting.


If you have searched high and low for your perfect flamingo handbag then I completely empathize with you my dear. A flamingo purse is a very specific need. (Notice I said “need” here, not “want.”) I understand your dire flamingo-less situation and I am here to help! 


Many a vintage vixen has developed a deep love for Wicker Darling, from the chonky thunder lizards to the cute kitty cats to the sassy memes. But not everyone knows that it actually all started with my own pink flamingo purse - or rather, lack of one. 


So let’s connect on our love of these expansively crimson birds for a moment - and then I’ll show you not one, not two, but THREE pink flamingo purses you’re bound to fall head over heels for. 


Why a flamingo purse? 

Well if you’re on the search for your very own pink flamingo purse then you clearly know the answer to this. 


But in case you’re an extra-loveable friend, partner, or parent trying to track down a handbag for your flamingo-obsessed dearest, then here are just some of the reasons you need a flamingo purse


Flamingos are simply fabulous. They are equally graceful and awkward. They are in-your-face pink. They are social, loving, and oh so sassy. They simply don’t give a FLOCK about standing out and have embraced their resplendent plumage and strange proportions.


And they are truly the picture of vintage.


Nothing screams vintage Palm Springs vibes quite like a vintage wicker purse in the shape of a gawky topiary. Because plastic lawn flamingos are simply iconic - and so too is a wicker pink flamingo purse. 


A flamingo handbag is the perfect partner for any retro pin-up of vintage madame in your life. (And if that’s you, you’d best buy yourself one ASAP - because a flamingo handbag bag will swiftly become your go-to accessory for styling your very best vintage outfits.)


I certainly knew I needed a flamingo for my whimsical wardrobe but I couldn’t find a good pink flamingo purse no matter how hard I looked. 


It was this pursuit that started this whole business of selling handbags online in Australia and beyond.


And so my majestic land noodles, here we are! 


How a pink flamingo purse started it all

I have always had a deep and profound love for birds. From cheeky cockatoos to ecstatically dancing emus to musical magpies to faintly threatening (and not-so-faintly judging) shoebill storks. (I can’t say I initially set out to turn this into a love and career of making bird handbags, but I can’t say I’m totally surprised, either).

And when I dyed my hair a shockingly bright pink on a whim in 2017, I knew my life needed to change more. I needed FLAMINGO ALL OF THE THINGS. 

First, I purchased a pink flamingo umbrella. Then a pink flamingo necklace, some flamingo brooches, a flamingo skirt, some sassy pink shades, and of course, quite a few lawn flamingos to round things out.

But something was still missing. Standing amidst my blazingly beauteous flamingo menagerie, there was still a deep void in my life - a void that could be filled by nothing other than a wicker pink flamingo purse. 

I searched high. I searched low. I traipsed my favorite vintage haunts and artsy boutiques I searched online for months on end - and even Google failed me. 


There was not a single vintage pink flamingo purse to be found. And so, I knew what I had to do. I had to pluck that glaringly scarlet plume-noodle straight out of my dreams and create it myself! 

I had no idea if I could do it. In fact, the thought terrified me just an eensy bit. But I was in between jobs, and the thought of a soul-crushing 9-5 I didn’t love - and being away from my autistic son all day - was scarier still. It was worth a shot. 

But that shot wasn’t easy. I didn’t want just any fast-fashion flamingo handbag. I wanted something high-quality, sustainable, and iconic. 

I wanted my pink flamingo purse to be made by traditional artisans, giving employment to local communities and keeping generations-old craftsmanship traditions alive. I wanted the materials for the wicker to be locally sourced as well, so as not to add to my carbon footprint any more than necessary.

This was an order as tall as my leggy flamingo fantasy. But it was an order I filled! 

I was oh-so-incredibly blessed to come into contact with two small family-owned businesses in the Philippines. These businesses employed local artisans, many of whom were women, and I was so excited to support them in their artistic ventures as they supported me in mine. 

There was a lot of back and forth, and more than a few growing pains. Nearly a year passed between my initial designs and the day when I finally held my first pink flamingo purse in my arms. But it was WORTH it.

He was a wonder, my pink flamingo purse, and I named him Chile the Flamingo after our dearly departed Adelaide Zoo icon. 

I had done it. I had made the wicker flamingo handbag of dreams, and now it was time to share him with the world. 

Fast forward just a few years and here we are: I’m the sole owner and operator of Wicker Darling, designing and selling desperately cute vintage handbags online in Australia. ⁠(And creating some super cool meme content.) 


Our pretty-in-pink flamingo flock

Chile the Flamingo helped the Wicker Darling brand take flight, but though he was the first of the flamingos, he is certainly not the last. Two new flamingos have followed in his footsteps, there will likely be more in the future, and it’s time for you to learn just a little bit more about each of these delightfully fiery featherstumps. 

So, without further ado, let me introduce you to the three pink flamingo purses in our wickery flock. 

1. Chile the Flamingo

Chile the Flamingo, father of all, is happily retired. He was not only a debut bag, but our most requested one. He has graced our halls a total of four times since he took Australia by storm in 2018 - more than any other Wicker Darling purse to date.

Chile boasts a wonderfully vintage silhouette, and a super cute yellow and black tipped beak. He is a very versatile shade of pink, and is just the right size to carry all your bits and baubles. 

While you may not be able to purchase Chile the Flamingo online in Australia anymore, that doesn’t mean your flamingo dreams are dashed! It is my intent that flamingos will always have a home at Wicker Darling, so you should keep your eyes peeled in case one decides to fly in.

In fact, Chile the Flamingo has already inspired two great flamingo renaissances. 

Once in his sibling, Chile the Snow Flamingo, and yet again with our much-loved Monty. 


2. Chile the Snow Flamingo

Flamingos absolutely thrive high up in the Andes and in the glacial lakes of 

Patagonia, and so, no flamingo flock could be complete without a nod to these frost-loving flamingos. 

I decided to re-design Chile’s color scheme to give birth to the equally sassy Chile the Snow Flamingo (endearingly referred to as “Snow Chile”). With a white-frosted face and a pale pink body, Chile the Snow Flamingo fits right into his snowy habitat. 

Snow Chile was released back in 2019, and he is one of our more rare and limited designs. There are only 30 of him in existence, and just like his sibling, he won’t be returning from retirement. 


3. Flamingo (Monty) Montoya

Chile the Flamingo will always be near and dear to my heart, but over the years with Wicker Darling, I learned a thing or two about designing vintage wicker handbags, and I used my new know-how to craft a distinctly different style of wicker flamingo handbag. 

Flamingo Montoya was born! 

Flamingo Montoya (also known as Monty) is a pink flamingo purse that’s chock FULL of personality. And dare I say it...he may even be a bit of an improvement. The curve of his face. The delicate hand-painted colouring. He’s fabulous. He’s radiant. He’s FUSCHIA. 

Monty comes equipped with a well-rounded bottom (as opposed to Chile’s square), light tan leather handles, and even a comfy shoulder strap.

He is the most stunning shade of pink flamingo purse you ever will find, with feathery white over the pink of his wings and a dapperly striped snoot of white, black, and pink. He is truly the full monty.

I had so much fun with Flamingo Montoya’s color scheme that I may even bring him back in a whole new (and equally flamboyant) colour-way. Stay tuned kiddos!


Procure your very own pink flamingo purse

The time is now my darlings. A pink flamingo purse can be yours. 

The vintage flamingo handbags at Wicker Darling are well worth their price tag. In fact, very many flamingo-lovers (myself included) would say they are priceless. 

A Wicker Darling flamingo is hand-painted with love and painstakingly woven and crafted using the very best locally sourced materials available. These slow-fashion stalky-legged beauties are made to last and INSPIRE.

Your pink flamingo purse will start conversations wherever you go my dear. You will be the veritable talk of the town. It will be the perfect balance of beauty and ridiculousness. JUST. LIKE. YOU.

Because in the end, who are we but pretty pink flamingos on the great lawn of life? 

If you’re itching for your own pink flamingo purse, but don’t see one in stock - have no fear my feather-floof admirers! As one with a deep affection for these gangly necked beasties myself, it is my sincerest hope to always have a flamingo gracing our workshop. 

You just never know when an all new flamingo design will come waltzing in, so pop on over to the Wicker Darling shop to sneak a peek!