My most resplendent jelly beans and loyal fans and followers. I want nothing more than for you to come home at the end of the day to the wicker handbag you’ve always wanted. But snatching one of our unique handbags for sale can be a bit of a doozy sometimes.

I often receive messages from pin-up princesses the world over asking how on earth they are supposed to get their hands on one of my wicker handbags when they sell out so darn fast. 

It’s true, I’ll admit, that I’m often surprised myself how swiftly the pre-order comes and goes. And, if you miss your chance during the pre-order, you don’t often get another one. 

UNLESS… catch one of our famed restocks.

That’s right, there are flash restocks on our unique handbags for sale every so often. And restocks are a SERIOUS event around here. 

If you think pre-orders go quickly, simply blink and you will miss a restock. So, if you want to get away from a restock with the wicker bag of your darlin’ dreams, then you’d better listen up!

I’m going to explain first and foremost WHY our unique handbags for sale are so limited, and then give you my top tips for beating the restock craze.

Why are Wicker Darling handbags so scarce?

Kittens, there is a reason Wicker Darling handbags can be tricky to get your paws on. We offer slow fashion designer handbags made to order (aka: on pre-order only).

We want your wicker handbag to be a unique designer masterpiece that you can show off for years to come, so we make them in limited numbers and with the highest quality materials. 

They are also handmade by local artisans in the Philippines, and creating your lovable wicker beastie takes a lot of time and hard work. The rattan material is locally sourced by hand, hand-woven into your wicker pet, and then even hand-painted. 

If you need more reasons to buy a handmade handbag, you are keeping Filipino craft traditions alive, and helping many workers (especially women) find a way to keep their families fed through a trade they are passionate about. 

A lot of effort goes into crafting our unique handbags for sale, so we don’t want to waste time or natural resources creating any extras. Even though most of our artisans are complete wonder women, we don’t want to overwork them - and we don’t want our designer handbags ending up in a landfill either. 

Keeping our wicker bags scarce means there won’t be any unnecessary waste, our workers aren’t overwhelmed, and YOU get a unique conversation starter that no one in the neighborhood will have. (Unless of course, you live on a street of veritable vintage vixens, in which case I want your address because I’m moving in!) 

Because of their limited numbers, when we release our unique handbags for sale, they go extremely quickly. I mean, these cute wicker faces could move mountains and certainly some mouse-clicking fingers! 

Want to snatch one of our designer handbags made to order in Australia (let’s get technical: designed in Australia, made in the Philippines!)? Well then, you need to be swift about it. Once the pre-order is over, you rarely get another shot at purchasing one of these unique handbags for sale. 

That is, unless, a flash restock happens. 

Why and when do restocks happen? 

You may be hoping for a magic formula so you know exactly when to swoop in and snatch your favorite unique handbags for sale - but don’t ask me to explain the things I do, darlin’! 

In reality, there is no set schedule for a Wicker Darling restock. 

Sometimes, I simply have some extra wicker beauties hanging around from a past pre-order, and I want to make sure the cute wicker pets find homes of their own in the end. 

Or sometimes the atelier gets a bit too excited (I don’t blame them, it’s hard not to get excited around brontosaurus dino purses) and crafts a few extra wicker handbags. 

For whatever reason, if I have some leftover handbags, you can be sure we want them to find their way to your loving arms. We certainly don’t want them taking up space in a landfill! I shudder to think of sweet Pigasus in the trash no matter WHAT they’ve told you about pigs. 

So it’s important to know how to snatch one of these reverent figural wonders when they do come flying off the shelves. Because when we post these unique handbags for sale, they go FAST! 

And, while we may not know WHEN a restock will happen, I can pinky-promise that I’ll ALWAYS tell you when they’re on the horizon.

So, without further ado, here are my top tips for snatching one of our unique handbags for sale during a restock. 

5 ways to snag our unique handbags for sale

A flash restock gives you, my devoted Wicker Darling family, a second chance to get your well-manicured mitts on a wicker handbag if you missed your favorite during the last pre-order.

Now I certainly don’t want to promise you a bag. When we post these unique handbags for sale during a restock, there are usually less than a handful of them, and they are here and gone in the blink of an eye.

A Wicker Darling restock can be an absolutely frantic affair - but it doesn’t NEED to be. With my top tips to snagging our unique handbags for sale, you can be a cool-headed collector. Because, as I said, the date and time of each and every restock is announced but they do go fast.

So, where do you start? Why, by joining us on Insta my dear! 

1. Follow us on IG 

If you want to be the first to know of an upcoming restock, then you simply must follow Wicker Darling on Instagram

It’s the sure-fire place to be in the know what’s what at the WD HQ.

Heck, you should follow us just for the artfully curated memes, cute vintage outfit inspiration, and absolute eye-candy of a colorful Insta feed. (Special shout out to my lovely graphic designer!) 

I would like to think we have a rather good time on Instagram. The Wicker Family is absolutely oodles of fun, and take it from me - you can spend hours traipsing through the comments section with tears of mirth in your eyes. 

But, and this is an important but, by following the Wicker Family on Instagram, you’ll also be privy to exciting new drops - from sneak peeks at upcoming bag design to (you guessed it) announcements of flash restocks on your favorite wicker handbags. 

Now, if you’ve been absolutely fawning over one of our figural wicker handbags, then you’re probably already following us - good for your boo. 

But now comes the next important step, because it’s not enough to simply follow blindly. You must be the FIRST TO KNOW about those lightning-speed restocks. And that means you need your post notifications turned ON! 

2. Turn on post notifications

When you turn on post notifications for someone you follow on Instagram, you will get a push notification every time they share a new photo or video - or say, when an important announcement is made by a certain wicker handbag-making vintage lover. *cough cough*

If you’re sitting here like a deer in the headlights thinking:  “Jas I know I look like I’m ready to rule the world, but how can you possibly expect me to be this tech-savvy!?” 

FEAR NOT my bamboozled beauties! 

I am constantly confounded by the troubles of technology myself, but this one I’ve got, so I’m going to break down how to turn on Instagram post notifications step-by-step for you. 

To turn on push notifications, you must first open up your Instagram app and go to the profile you’d like to see notifications for.

In this case:

Now, you should see a cute little bell icon in the top right corner of your screen. Click it! (Don’t worry, it won’t make any sounds.)

You will get a pop-up on the bottom third of your screen that reads “Notifications” and lists out Posts, Stories, IGTV, and Live Videos. 

If you want to be in the know when we drop our unique handbags for sale in a flash restock, you should have notifications turned on for Posts and Stories at the very least. 

You simply need to click the little toggle to the right of those words, and make sure the switch has a blue background, indicating that it is on. 

Now, once you do this, you may receive yet another pop-up notification telling you that push notifications are not enabled for Instagram. Deep breath! Click “turn on” and it will take you to your Instagram settings page. 

From there, you just need to scroll down the list to “Notifications.” Click that, then toggle “Allow Notifications” to on. Then, you should be all set to receive announcements about our unique handbags for sale! 

3. Set and alarm and get on our email list

My fabulously fashionable chickadees, Instagram isn’t the only way to stay in the know. You can also sign up for the Wicker Darling mailing list. (Email that is, here at Wicker Darling, we don’t want to cut down trees when we can simply pop in for a quick hello in your inbox!)

The Wicker Darling mailing list is just as wacky and wonderful as everything else at our company, and if you are a fan of our wicker handbags and our brand then we think you’ll really enjoy our email content too! 

And don’t worry, I won’t clog up your inbox, but I will send you important announcements on the next release of new wicker chonks - or the restocks of old favs from Flamingo Montoya to Oscar the Cat

But be warned: there are those that have set their alarms and have credit cards at the ready. So, don’t only wait on an email confirming the restock is live. 

The minute a restock time and date is announced, I strongly recommend Googling the time conversion ('when is 5pm AEDT in [my location]') and being ready a few minutes before.

4. Get your mouse (computer - not pet) ready for fast clicking

When you come to a restock, you want to come with the best ammunition. 

Do any needed pre-purchase finger yoga well in advance and get ready for your quick-draw clicking by having your mouse ready to go. Because there is no second chance when it comes to our restocks. 

About 30 minutes before a restock drops, our site traffic always spikes. And our designer handbags sell out within minutes, so you’ll need to keep your wits fast and your fingers even faster! 

Because, if you miss our unique handbags for sale, then you’re out of luck sweetpea. 

5. Know how you'll pay in the moment

Last and certainly not least: how to pay for your new wicker bag.

AKA: do purse payment plans exist for restock items?

In theory, yes.  

But in reality, there's just not time to organise them - that wicker bag you had your eyes set on might very well sell out before we’ve gotten the logistics settled. 

And so, to speed up the restock ordering process, we recommend that you have absolutely everything ready in advance - and that includes knowing how you want to pay. 

If you don’t have your credit card number memorized, have it out and ready.

If you plan to pay with Afterpay for our designer bags, make sure you know your login information and are ready to go. 

Even if you are one of the first to see our unique handbags for sale during a restock, you won’t have your purchase locked in until it is paid for, so having your payment method decided on and set up can be the difference between success and a life of dreaming up what could have been with your wicker arm candy. 

You’re ready to rock a restock! 

May I just say, I’m so, so chuffed that you’re trying so hard to get one of our unique handbags in Australia. What started as a whim (and solution to my sadly wicker flamingo-less state) turned into so much more than I could possibly have imagined - and I am so thankful for my Wicker Family! 

I always try to take your feedback onboard, whether it’s about future handbag designs or ways to make things run more smoothly when we release our unique handbags for sale. I hope you feel supported by the Wicker Team and know that we truly want you to be successful in our restocks.

We want to see every woman become the crazy wicker woman she is meant to be. 

That being said, you surely don’t have enough wicker bags in your collection yet, so you should probably pop over and shop our wicker purses just in case my dear. Our pre-order purses sell out fast, but not as fast as those restocks, so you’ll have more time to contemplate your purchase.