When you start a new school year, you want to look your best - and we have a whole range of unique bag charms and accessories to help you do just that. 

While Wicker Darling first started with designer wicker handbags in the shape of animals, we have expanded our line over time to include clutch purses, mini coin purses, silk scarves, purse charms for handbags, and a whole range of jewellery products. 

Many of these smaller items are kept in stock, as opposed to the pre-order only process we usually use for our animal handbags. This means you can order them any time and have them shipped straight to your door (with free shipping and tracking), which makes them the perfect treat yourself gifts for starting off the new school year. 

So today we will be introducing you to the quirky accessories we have in stock, so you can find the bag charms or jewellery pieces that best suit your personality. 

Bag charms and accessories for every attitude

The Little Miss meme has been taking over social media lately, so I thought it would be fun to pair our adorable bag charms up against some “Little Miss” sensibilities. 

Now, don’t be fooled by this phrase - ANYONE can be a “Little Miss,” regardless of age or gender. In fact, if the way this trend has taken off is any indication, we are all a Little Miss at heart in one way or form.

But which Little Miss are you? And which designer bag charms or accessories do you need to match your fabulous personality?

Here are our favourite accessory match ups for every Little Miss - just in time for the new school year. 

Little Miss We Wear Pink on Wednesdays 

There is no denying the power of PINK. It infuses everything it touches with a shot of joy - so why wouldn’t you want that for your school bag?

Luckily for you, pink just so happens to be my favourite colour - and I have the perfect accessories to enhance your ensemble. 

Take Florence the flamingo coin purse or Fancy the flamingo bag charm for example. These adorable accessories work fabulously as school bag charms, purse charms, keyrings, or even a sassy addition to your belt loop.


Wicker Darling's flamingo coin purse on a colourful background


Wicker Darling's flamingo bag charm on a colourful background


Fancy is one of the loveliest handmade keychains you ever will see. Just look at her craftsmanship. Such a bitty body woven delicately by our skilled artisans in the Philippines. These handmade keychains really are wondrous achievements, and Miss Fancy will truly elevate your school bag. 

And, of course, in the case of a mini coin purse like Florence, you have the added versatility of storing your coins, earbuds, chapstick, hair ties, or any other little trinkets you want to have organised and accessible during your school day.

With a cute coin purse or keyring like these flamingo bag charms, there will be no “you can’t sit with us” situations. EVERYONE will want to be your friend - you’ll be the talk of the cafeteria!

Little Miss Making Indecision an Artform

Can’t decide what outfit to put on, where to go for dinner, or what major you want to choose? No problem - I’ve got the perfect accessories for you.

Thanks to the lovely Rachel from What Willow Did, we’ve been able to collaborate on a line of very versatile statement accessories. 

You see, these incredible creations double as brooches and necklaces, so you can wear them as jewellery, pin them to your clothes, or use them as unique bag charms! 

If you get tired of wearing them one way, it’s incredibly easy to swap out their roles throughout your school day. 

If you’re looking for sunny, summery vibes, perhaps you’d like Limoncello the lemon brooch. This beautiful broochie is made from a mix of plain and marbled acrylic, and adds the perfect pop of colour to any backpack, messenger bag, or outfit. 


Wicker Darling's Limoncello the lemon brooch on a colourful background


Want something a little more sassy? Tucano the toucan brooch has that down. This cheeky bird is all jungle party vibes - complete with tropical foliage! Plus, you’ll have an excuse to spout all sorts of toucan jokes while wearing him. 


Wicker Darling's Tucano the toucan brooch on a colourful background


And, if you want to be extra quirky and unique, maybe you would prefer our Charlotte the dinosaur brooch. This glam-asaurus is bound to brighten everyone’s day. I mean, who doesn’t love dinosaurs? And a brontosaurus brooch is sure to be a class favourite. 


Wicker Darling's Charlotte the dinosaur brooch on a colourful background


Little Miss Thinks Her Fur Baby is a Real Baby

Pets have long been considered part of the family, but some people take it a step further. Is your pet the centre of your Insta feed? Does it have its own shelf space in your closet? Are you one of those pet stroller owners?

Or hey, maybe you just LOVE cats or dogs. 

If any of these apply to you, you clearly need some more fur baby accessories - and we have them in spades here at Wicker Darling.  

For our crazy cat people in training, we have a lovely black cat coin purse named Fortuna which is simply the luckiest of black cats. She will look smashing on your school bag all months of the year - but especially during Spooky Season.


Wicker Darling's black cat coin purse on a colourful background


And, if you’re more of a dog person, you’re in luck! We have THREE doggy bag charms for you to choose from. Our first dog bag charm is Chipolata the sausage dog. She is small but incredibly sassy, and will add oodles of attitude to your backpack or even your pencil case.


Wicker Darling's Chipolata the sausage dog on a colourful background


Speaking of sausage dogs, we even have a dachshund coin purse named Salami! This little leather sausage would love to tag along for a ride in the car, or weekend hike, or a quiet evening in for studies. You name it - he’s your boy.


Wicker Darling's Salami dachshund coin purse on a colourful background


And Salami isn’t the only coin purse dog in our collection. Meet Scottie, the most dashing of dog coin purses you ever did see. Clip him to any school bag and your classmates are sure to think it is designer - and, let’s be honest, this coin purse IS! 


Wicker Darling's Scottie the Scottish Terrier Coin Purse on a colourful background


Now, if you’re a cat person and you’re feeling a bit affronted by your lack of options - have no fear! We have a delightful cat bag charm coming soon. Keep an eye on our announcements to be the first to snatch up one of our orange tabby cat bag charms. 

Little Miss Looking for a Cause to Support

If you’re fond of volunteering and giving back to the community, you’re going to love what I have for you next. That’s because now you can shop for a cause. 

At Wicker Darling, we have partnered with Casa Bonita Lifestyle to produce a line of beautiful hand-woven earrings. These earrings are made by Colombian artisans, and when you purchase a pair of these adorable earrings, you are:

  • Keeping artisan traditions alive
  • Putting food on the table for artisan women and their families
  • Empowering migrant women to set up their own businesses
  • Promoting sustainable, ethical, and cruelty-free business practices
  • Funding cultural events to help migrant women form communities here in Australia

And all you have to do is click purchase!

Plus, you get to enjoy some fabulous baubles after the fact, like our hand-woven watermelon earrings, cherry earrings, or grape earrings.

We are especially proud of our latest collaborations - our fruit salad earrings and citrus stud earrings. The fruit salad earrings come in three sizes, so you can choose what suits you best. And, the citrus stud earrings come in zesty lemon and juicy orange that are equally adorable.

Who could resist!?  


Wicker Darling's Hand-Woven Fruit Salad Earrings on a colourful background


Wicker Darling Hand-Woven Citrus Stud Earrings on a colourful background


Little Miss Bad Hair Day Every Day

Some days, hair can be unruly at best. And you don’t always have time for a full wash, blow dry, and style before classes. If you’re regularly rolling out of bed with full bed-head hair, then these silk scarves are coming to your rescue.


Wicker Darling's Anniversary Pink Flamingo Scarf - 100% Silk


No matter what your hair situation is, these silk scarves can salvage it. They will take you from bad hair day to glorious hair day every time. There are so many ways to learn how to tie a silk scarf, and you can use them on more than just your hair. 


Wicker Darling's Lemon Silk Scarf tied on the Mini Lemon Satchel bag


While there are numerous ways to tie your silk scarves as head wraps, ponytail holders, and headbands, you can also use them as necklaces or bag accessories! Simply tie or wrap your silk scarves around the handle of your purse or school bag and you will have a whole new look.

At Wicker Darling, we have some sumptuous silk scarves for you to choose from, including an Amalfi lemon scarf, and bright orange tropical birds scarf, and a stylish pink flamingo scarf, all thanks to our incredible Australian designer - Laura of Obscurio & Co

We can’t wait to see which new scarf styles we’ll collaborate on next! 

Little Miss Stuck in the Past 

It’s okay to be hung up on nostalgia. My whole brand, after all, is based on retro vintage styles. I LOVE a good throwback. And some throwbacks go back a bit further than others. 

If you’re still in love with the whimsical creatures of your childhood, then GOOD FOR YOU. I have some accessories just for you. 

May I start, perhaps, by introducing you to our line of dinosaur accessories? Dinosaurs are the ultimate classic, and we have three different dinos that would be ideal for shaking up your scholarly look.

We love a good brontosaurus at Wicker Darling, so we have both a brontosaurus coin purse named Branwell and a dinosaur bag charm named Heathclip that will always stick their necks out for you. 


Wicker Darling's brontosaurus coin purse on a colourful background


Wicker Darling's dinosaur bag charm on a colourful background


As if these bag charms weren’t enough, we also have Benedict the dinosaur coin purse, who is simply the sweetest triceratops you ever did lay your eyes upon. 


Wicker Darling's Benedict the dinosaur coin purse on a colourful background


These dinos will inject a timeless, youthful, and fun-filled energy into your wardrobe, and I’m sure you’ll be the talk of the campus. Nostalgia is IN. 

And speaking of nostalgia, who doesn’t love a good unicorn? (I know I was obsessed as a child - and, let’s face it, I still am.) 

If you want a little rainbow-riffic and magical fabulousness in your school day, then look no further than Vienna the rainbow unicorn necklace. While Vienna may not be one of our bag charms or purse charms, she is no less pivotal to a school wardrobe. 


Wicker Darling's Vienna the rainbow unicorn necklace on a colourful background


We know she’ll attract good vibes only - every day you wear her. 

Let the back-to-school bonanza begin! 

Whether you’re looking for scarves, jewellery, handmade keychains, purse charms, or school bag charms, we have it all here at Wicker Darling. And the best thing is, these products are in-stock and ready to enhance your school wardrobe.

So what are you waiting for? Make your school bag the coolest darn bag in your class with our unique accessories today.