My delightful little turtle doves, if you know anything about me, it’s that I LOVE PINK. And, more specifically, I love pink purses. Which is why I built this entire company around the need for a pink flamingo purse. 

As you see, the need for pink purses can be quite strong, indeed. And, if you’ve also found yourself with an absolutely insatiable craving for pink purses, you’ve come to the right place. Because here, at Wicker Darling, we have a whole collection of quirky and cute pink purses.

Whether you’re hankering for a full-sized wicker bag, an elegant pink clutch, or an itty bitty mini coin purse, we have a lovely pink number with your name on it! 

Now, you may not have been expecting quite such unique accessories when you searched for pink purses, but I assure you, there is nothing better than a pink statement bag, and there are so many fun ways to style them! 

So I suppose it’s time to introduce you to our fabulous collection of pink purses. These adorable retro accessories truly make the best gift ideas for women, men, or people who are as obsessed with pink as I am. 

15 adorable pink purses to add to your collection

Here are 15 of our fabulous pink purses at Wicker Darling - and trust me - there will be many more to come! 

1. Viola the pink unicorn purse


Wicker Darling's Viola the pink unicorn purse on a colourful background


I’ve had unicorn purses in my collection for a long time now, but never a pink one. And obviously, that needed to be amended! So I decided to design a bright pink purse in the shape of a unicorn - and I think she’s turned out SPLENDIDLY. 

Meet Viola, the pink unicorn purse. She’s simply magical. As if being boldly pink weren’t enough, she also has a rainbow mane and tail, and we really love her for that. 

They say real unicorns have curves, and Viola is as real as they come - with plenty of space for storing all your important belongings. 

2. Hamlet Hambag the pig purse


Wicker Darling's Hamlet Hambag the pig purse on a colourful background


Speaking of delicious curves…meet Hamlet Hambag the pig purse! As far as my pink purses go, Hamlet is definitely on the pale end of the spectrum. But I think it’s nice to have a full array of pink colours in my closet, don’t you?

Hamlet is a stately sort of sir, with distinguished ears, tail, and trotters, and a lovely pink lining. (Because, PINK.) He will be an instant hit at the farm, farmer’s market, or really, just about anywhere you go. Who wouldn’t stop and stare at a pig purse!? 

3. Pigasus the flying pig purse


Wicker Darling's Pigasus the flying pig purse on a pink background


If a pig isn’t quite enough for you…then what about a flying pig? Pigasus the flying pig purse is a true star in our flock. You really can’t help but smile when you look at him. While Hamlet is more of a peach-pink, Pigasus is a very happy shade of bubblegum. 

Put this ham on your arm and you will instantly be the talk of the town. Pigs really DO fly when you strut down the street! 

4. Pigasus Jnr. the flying pig coin purse


Wicker Darling's Pigasus Jnr. the flying pig coin purse


There was so much love for our full-size Pigasus purse that, naturally, I had to make a coin purse. So Pigasus Jnr. the flying pig coin purse was born. And we are all the better for it. 

Pigasus Jnr. is a much more svelte and slender design - made for holding coins, keys, chapstick, or your favourite earbuds. You can clip him to your Pigasus or Hamlet handbag, or plop in on any pig-worthy purse in your collection! 

You can even clip him to your backpack, suitcase, or belt loop - the options are endless. 

5. Chile the flamingo purse


Wicker Darling's Chile the flamingo purse on a colourful background


The pink purse that started it all at Wicker Darling was a pink flamingo purse. THIS pink flamingo purse to be exact. Meet Chile, the lovely wicker flamingo basket that started as an obsession and ended as a full-blown business. Who knew!?

You see, in terms of cute pink purses, I don’t think flamingos can be beaten. I just LOVE the bright colours, awkward proportions, and iconic vintage quality that only a flamingo can possess. Which is why so many of our pink purses at Wicker Darling are flamingos!

6. Flamingo Montoya the flamingo purse


Wicker Darling's Flamingo Montoya the flamingo purse on a colourful background


After Chile, my next flamingo bag was Flamingo (Monty) Montoya, who I designed in an IN YOUR FACE fuschia as opposed to the demure pink of his predecessor. Because if you have a flamingo purse, why not make a LOUD one!?

Monty was very much loved in his debut, so I knew the flamingo design was here to stay - and that pink purses would always stick around in our collection. Of course, I always try to change up the style just a little bit, to keep my bags limited-edition in quality. 

7. Annie the anniversary flamingo purse


Wicker Darling's Annie the anniversary flamingo purse on a colourful background


For Wicker Darling’s three year anniversary, I released Annie, the anniversary flamingo purse. And what a splendour she is! Just LOOK at those hand-beaded wings. She’s a step above the competition and she knows it. 

Annie is not shy about her usage of pink. In fact, she contains not one, but FOUR shades of pink in her design, so she’s perfect for any rosado radicalists out there. 

8. Flamenco the flamingo purse


Wicker Darling's Flamenco the flamingo purse


New year, new flamingo, new shade of pink! For our four year anniversary, I released Flamenco, the very hot pink flamingo handbag. Flamenco’s colouring and high-shine finish are reminiscent of the iconic lawn flamingo - which makes her all the more covetable. 

The best thing is - you KNOW she won’t be the last flamingo to grace our shelves. 

9. Florence the flamingo coin purse


Wicker Darling's Florence the flamingo coin purse


Since flamingos are all the rage at Wicker Darling, I simply had to add one to our mini coin purse collection! Meet Florence, the pink flamingo coin purse. She’s petite, she’s sassy, and she may steal your coins and never give them back - but at least you’ll know exactly where they are. 

Our lovely Florence (never Flo, PLEASE) has a hot pink body and delicate peach wing, and also features that signature two-toned beak so many flamingos are rocking. Clip her to your flamingo purse, one of your other pink purses, or really, any purse you please! She’ll elevate anything. 

10. Porthos the pink mouse coin purse


Wicker Darling's Porthos the pink mouse coin purse


If you’re looking for a pink vegan coin purse - you’ve found it! Porthos the pink mouse coin purse is lovingly hand made from woven strips of raffia from his adorable ears to the tip of his tail. Not a scrap of leather in sight! 

Porthos makes a fabulous accessory for any cat purse, or even an elephant purse, but he is also lovely in his own right. Use him for your coins. Use him for your hair ties. Or use him for a Halloween decoration! The world is your oyster when you have a coin purse this cute. 

11. Joan the triceratops purse


Wicker Darling's Joan the triceratops purse


At Wicker Darling, Valentine’s Day has somehow become synonymous with dinosaur purses. (Which is why we have a whole slew of dinosaur valentine puns for your amusement.) As such, it would have been remiss of me not to include a pink dinosaur purse!

Thus, one very special Valentine’s Day, I released Joan the pink triceratops purse in all her glory! Joan is a very bright pink purse indeed, so she will stun and awe on your spins around town. She even came with a lovely red scarf for those V-Day red and pink vibes.

Of course, Joan is fabulous every month of the year - because who doesn’t love a dinosaur purse!? 

12. Lola the llama purse


Wicker Darling's Lola the llama purse


Okay, bear with me. I know this is a list of pink purses, and Lola the llama purse isn’t exactly pink herself, but she clearly loves wearing pink - and there is plenty of pink in her ensemble to satisfy enthusiasts of this lovely colour. 

Just look at her. Pink bridle. Pink saddle. Pink straps. Tassels in TWO shades of pink. She is a pretty-in-pink purse if I ever did see one. Lola has heaps of attitude to boot, and you simply couldn’t go wrong with this sassy llama on your arm. 

13. The Tropicana Clutch


Wicker Darling's Tropicana Clutch


Not all the pink purses in our collection are animals - some of them are cute pink purses with animals ON them. Take the Tropicana clutch, for example. This elegant tropical purse features a toucan, a flamingo, and some gorgeous tropical foliage on a bubblegum pink background.

If you’re looking for pink purses to wear on a night out on the town, these clutch bags are IT. They are just the right size to hold all your essentials, and have a handy crossbody chain strap so you don’t have to worry about how to hold a clutch bag

14. The Pink Macaws Clutch


Wicker Darling's Pink Macaws Clutch


If you’re looking for cute summer purses for your next vacay, the Tropicana clutch isn’t the only one that can tag along. The Pink Macaws clutch would be JUST PERFECT for your sunny holiday. Though, to be honest, I would wear these cheeky birds any day of the year!

The hot pink purse features some beautifully hand-embroidered macaws and flowers on an ultra-bright background. The better to catch the stares of passersby, of course. This bag has all the colour and sass of a full-size Wicker Darling purse, in a lovely, sleek finish. 

15. The Magpie Clutch


Wicker Darling's Magpie Clutch


And last, but certainly not least, is one last bright pink purse - the Magpie clutch. Synonymous with Australian spring, Magpies have a very near and dear place in my heart. They’re incredibly intelligent, magically musical, and take absolutely no nonsense from anyone.

In fact, if you even look at the sideways, they will SWOOP your soul into the great beyond! So, naturally, you want a pair of them vigilantly guarding your possessions. 

There’s no such thing as too much pink

Pink isn’t just a colour - it’s a VIBE. And it’s one I intend to keep spreading through beautiful pink purses to come in our collection. 

Of course, we have plenty of unique purses and bags in other colours, and some of them are absolute favourites, so we shouldn’t discount the whole rainbow spectrum of wicker critters. 

Keep your eye out for new monthly releases at the Wicker Darling Instagram, or on our mailing list - you never know when the next pink beauty will pop up!