Listen up my sugar snap peas. I have somebunny you just NEED to meet. He’s the carrot to your juicy little cake, and the perfect date for a Sunday brunch. That’s right my lovers of all things fluff - it’s a bunny rabbit purse. SQUEAL!! 

We have a cotton-tailed, carrot-munching, FLUFFY BUNNY PURSE coming your way. This hoppy little man is all ears for you - with a cute little carrot coin purse to boot.

Now I know that most of you are already on the bunnywagon, but for those who are not convinced (or for anyone who wants reminding of what fabulous critters bunnies are) I’ve rounded up some reasons why bunnies are just the most magical floofs. 

Why bunnies are the best and you need one in your life

Just LOOK at a bunny. They have long floppy ears, beautiful big eyes, chubby little cheeks, and a distinctly wiggly nose. Bunnies have adorable furry nubs for tails, the sweetest little hops, and are just fluffy AF - even the bottom of their feet are fluffy!

And goodness, can I just say that I wish I looked this cute while eating anything? 

I can think of nothing softer and more soothing than a bunny rabbit. Honestly, just the thought of petting a bunny makes my blood pressure go down.

But a bunny is so much more than looks. Bunnies have personality PLUS. 

Bunnies are not afraid to tell you how they feel. If they are mad they stomp around. If they are happy they do a little dance and kick their cute thumpers. If a bunny wants attention - they will nose bump you. Oh the joy of being booped by a bunny!

Bunnies love to be pampered and crave social interaction. They are charming and whimsical and affectionate, and they bond closely with those they care about. 

I may indeed be a very large, hairless rabbit. 

Bunnies are sweet and quiet. They don’t make a mess or a fuss, and they are incredibly easy to train.

I take that back - I’m most certainly NOT a rabbit. 

I do love them though. And that’s why I’ve created a bunny rabbit purse so I can keep one with me always! 

But this bunny rabbit purse is not just any bunny. Your Little Peter Carrot Eater is one of a kind! 

What makes this bunny rabbit purse unique

When you choose to pre-order your wicker purse from Wicker Darling, you will receive a reverent designer wabbit wonder. Our bags are made lovingly by hand, and come with a hand-numbered and signed authenticity card.

All the Wicker Darling bunny rabbit purses are dreamed and designed by me here in Australia, and then hand-woven by Filipino craftspeople (and especially craftsWOMEN) to keep their artisan traditions alive and reduce our carbon footprint. 

The rattan is locally sourced, farmed, hand-painted, and woven. Which means, yes, our wicker is sustainable. We do our best to make every step in the process as environmentally friendly as possible - because we strongly believe in slow fashion. 

Being handmade, your bunny rabbit purse will have a unique charm of his own, and will be produced in limited exclusive numbers - so your bunny is truly a treasure to cherish.

And as long as you know how to care for wicker bags, then your fluffy bunny purse should last you for years to come. His high-quality craftsmanship makes him as durable as he is adorable. So you can enjoy many a good adventure with your bun. 

10 places to take your fluffy bunny purse

Everyone needs a friend who is all ears. And now, you can take one with you everywhere you go. But just where should you wander with your wiggle-nosed friend? 

Why I’ll tell you where! 

1. A promenade in the park

Gussy yourself up in your most spectacular vintage finery for a stroll on the town. The park is a wonderful place to display your retro sensibilities - people will be able to see you for kilometers in every direction there.

And, yes, they will see you with your bunny rabbit purse. 

This purse will start conversations. It will move meetings and make strangers forget any awkwardness and come right on over to meet you. 

Because nobody can resist a good bun!  

If you are wondering how to style a statement bag like your fluffy bunny purse, then fear not! I (and the rest of the Wicker Family) have plenty of fun tips and wack-a-doodle outfits to dazzle and inspire you. 

Get out there and be ear-resistible! 

2. A sunny picnic

While you’re at the park (or really anywhere with a nice patch of grass for your buns and your bunny to plop down in) you might as well have a picnic!

This bunny rabbit purse just LOVES a good picnic. Best yet, he will hold all your snacks for you, and he won’t even steal them. He’s got his very own carrot coin purse, after all. 

3. Your weekend brunch

Are you having brunch with somebunny special? Well then your bunny rabbit purse will want to tag right along (but please, he likes to have his own chair). 

Just imagine how cute your bunny will be with your next pancake charcuterie board or mimosa flight! Oh, photo opportunities galore, my gal! That’s certain. And your handbag? He will just be living his best bun existence. 

4. A s-hopping spree

You and your rabbit purse will be an egg-cellent couple on your next shopping date! You can throw on your gingham dress, your pastel mary-jane pumps, and your big bouncy hair bow and be Easter cuteness incarnate. 

Regardless of what the date on the calendar actually is. 

You can go window hopping all darn day and your bunny rabbit purse will be so egg-cited he will even carry all your coins for you. As for the new purchases, you’ll need another hand.

5. A beach day

Sun’s out - buns out! 

When it’s time to be a beach bunny, your bunny rabbit purse is incredibly game. 

You can bring on the rufflely gingham and soft floral prints or even a cute high waisted polka dot bikini - your bunny is versatile and easy to please.

Just do your best to keep him off the sand and on your towel so he doesn’t get sand in any hard-to-reach, impossible-to-clean places. He does oh-so-love to be close to you anyway. 

And what’s the bunny equivalent of SPF? Well, we’re not sure there is one, but your bun isn’t used to all that sun. So to keep your hand-painted, handmade handbag looking fresh and new, it’s best to avoid too much direct sunlight. 

6. A rabbit cafe

Ready to sip your flat white or london fog latte while staring at some lollygagging lagomorphs? I know I sure am! 

If you feel the same, then grab your bunny rabbit purse and hop on a flight to Tokyo! 

Because, dear reader, Japan is home to oodles of cute cafes - including rabbit cafes. 

Here is a list of some of the hoppiest rabbit cafes in Tokyo for your inspiration. 

Your rabbit purse will be absolutely thrilled to let his hare down and make some new friends. You might even want to walk away with an extra bunny or two since some cafes have them for purchase. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. 

It’s such a shame Australia doesn’t allow us to bring bunnies in, but we can always move to New Zealand in a pinch...right?

7. A trip to Rabbit Island

While you’re in Japan, you might as well make your way over to Rabbit Island.

That’s right my cuddle ducks, there is an entire island of rabbits just waiting for your visit! 

You can even stay the night there at a resort hotel, and rent a bicycle to meander your way around the island at your leisure - taking in the fluffy, furry sights. 

Because you’d best believe me there are sights. There are over 1,000 rabbits living on this tiny island! They even have bunny gatherings on the beach. Just imagine those cute bunny silhouettes against the sunset.

Sure, you’ll be bringing your own bunny rabbit purse. But there are other bunny souvenirs to be purchased, bunny food to be shared, and a hot spring to relax in at the end of a very hoppy day indeed. Heaven! 

8. The Sydney Royal Easter Show 

If you prefer an outing just a hop skip and a jump away, then the Sydney Royal Easter Show could be just the ticket. 

There will be many animals on display at the Easter show, from pretty pooches to rodeo horses to cattle to cavies to yes, even rabbits - but we just know your bunny rabbit purse will be Best in Show. 

9. A Kaninhop event

I’m sure you’ve seen (or at least heard of) horse show jumping. But did you know there is rabbit show jumping too? 

Well there sure is, and it’s called Kaninhop.

While Kaninhop started in Sweden in the 1970s, in recent years it has traveled to our very own shores in Australia. In fact, we have had a Rabbit Hopping Society of Australia in NSW since 2013.

Isn’t that the funnest fact you’ve learned all week?

If you want to meet new varieties of bunnies and see them perform amazing feats of agility, well then, this is the place for you. And it is most certainly the place to bring your bunny rabbit purse. I bet all the society members would be absolutely smitten with your whimsical bob-tail bag. Don’t be shy - share how they can get their mitts on their very own animal handbag!

10. A tour of your home!

If this all sounds a bit exhausting, there isn’t a worry in the world. It’s okay to be a homebunny. Your bunny rabbit purse will be right at home in your living room, bedroom, or kitchen. 

Your designer wicker rabbit purse will brighten up the room and bring joy to your guests - and to you of course. Who wouldn’t be happy with a wascally wabbit in their abode? He can stand alone on his own four feet, or surrounded by a menagerie of wicker bag friends! 

Ready to pre-order your bun bun bag?

Hey there hop stuff, this rabbit has eyes for no bunny but YOU. He would like nothing more than to join you for a stroll on the town, enjoy some afternoon tea, and curl up on the couch with you in the evening.

Won’t you take him home with you? 

Perhaps, you might even have room for his delightfully springy sibling, Easter. 

Easter the yellow vegan bunny is a seasonally-appropriate bunny rabbit purse. He has a pastel yellow body and wooden beaded handles, and an adorable bright pink raffia nose. The only animal product in sight is THIS BUN. 

Plus, Easter is packing a sweet surprise for you - an artfully embroidered Easter egg coin purse, with bright floral designs to bring that Spring cheer to your day, no matter the season. 

If you want to know when rabbit season begins, then join the Wicker Darling newsletter to be the first to know when the next rabbit purse comes hopping into town!!! You can also jump on over to the Wicker Darling wicker bag shop to see if one is currently in stock! 

Everyone needs some bunny in their life, and we hope one of these buns is the bun for you.