Perhaps like me, you’ve owned a cat - or more likely, been owned by one. And, I think it makes sense to honour that furry feline with a cat purse. Don’t you? 

Even if you haven’t owned a danger floof of your own, that doesn’t mean you can’t obsess over cat accessories and silly cat videos. Because although cats are the most deliberately obnoxious creatures that ever lived, they are also the most loveable and entertaining. 

So, I’d like to take the time to express why cats are so special, and why nothing but the finest hand-woven wicker would be fit for our fabulous felines.

Then, I will simply gush about our wicker cat bags and why you can never have too many of them. 

Why we’re so obsessed with cats 

The ancient Egyptians got a thing or two right, and worshipping cats was certainly one of them. 

Cats are literally good for our health. 

Studies have shown that petting a cat releases endorphins and oxytocin, which help to lower our blood pressure and stress and pain levels. Research has also discovered that cat owners are much less likely to suffer heart attacks than people who don’t own these furry healers. 

And need I mention a cat’s purrs? Not only are they soothing and adorable, cat purrs can even be healing.

But enough about having an in-house therapist. There are so many other fabulous reasons to love cats!

Cats are still wild at heart 

We never really domesticated cats - they simply chose us. And I think there is something extra special about a wild bestie choosing to be your partner, not because it needs to, but because it wants to.

We all know cats are fiercely independent. While a dog may need love and care and affection seemingly round the clock, a cat will do just fine on its own. Even if you pop away on vacation. (As long as you leave it food and water of course, they aren’t ALL magic.)

Indeed, cats do just fine without us - but they prefer to adopt us. See, it is very advantageous for a cat to have you around, and a smart cookie kitty knows this. 

That’s how we ended up with cats in the first place. Cats discovered that we were a fabulous (and seemingly endless) source of FOOD. 

About 8,000 years ago when agriculture spread through the Fertile Crescent, the influx of grain drew a large number of rodents, which in turn brought cats. 

Cats discovered that wherever humans went, so did rodents. And, when people noticed cats hunting the rodent populations, they began to reward them with food scraps. Cats began to tolerate people for these rewards.

Fast forward thousands of years and cats have learned we will provide not only food but shelter, safety and companionship - with little to no effort of their own.

So, while we may simply be their humble servants, I think both parties in the agreement struck gold.

There is nothing quite like a cat 

Cats are beautiful and ridiculous animals. 

They sleep 20 hours a day, and seem to get their zoomies at the crack of dawn when we JUST WANT SOME REST. 

But we could never complain about it really. Because cats are just such joys to live with.

From their saucer eyes and musical chatter, to their adorable toe beans, delicate murder mittens and floofy tails. Cats are everything. (And they know it.)

They are made of liquid. They find magic in boxes and spots of sunshine. They take offence to any closed door, and will go completely out of their way to disrupt whatever important thing you are doing. 

Cats are curious, crazy, and decidedly clean. And when they choose to curl up on our lap with a contented purr - we are completely beholden to their magic. It’s simply a better choice to remove your legs than remove a cat. You just wouldn’t do that to them.

We want the best for our frisky felines, and so, I also wanted the best when I designed my cat-shaped purses. Which is why I made them with wicker. Of course.

6 reasons why wicker is paw-sitively the best for your cat purse 

We simply think wicker is the best paw-ssible material for your cat purse. And this is why. 

Choosing wicker bags mean your cat:

1. Is sustainable

My squeaky bathtime duckies, you can rejoice. Wicker is sustainable! Our wicker animal bags are all made from rattan, which is an incredibly quick-growing, renewable material for wicker weaving. 

2. Supports traditional artisans 

All our cat-shaped accessories are handmade by artisans in the Philippines. This not only supports the communities there, it also helps to keep craft traditions alive. 

3. Is durable

Rattan is one of the hardest woods in the world, so your wicker kitty is quite robust indeed. While of course you want to protect your precious purr-fiend, you can have some peace of mind knowing it can hold its own - just like a real cat.

4. Is lightweight

Wicker weighs quite a bit less than wood or leather, so your cat purse won’t be too cumbersome to carry about. Indeed, it is quite light and nimble on its feet if I do say so myself. 

5. Is delightfully vintage

Wicker was all the craze in the 1960s, and in my household it never STOPPED being the craze. You can keep the wicker-obsession alive as well, while looking delightfully hip and retro. 


No cat lover in their right mind (nor any of the crazy ones) will be able to resist your purse. There is simply no other cat bag quite like one from Wicker Darling. 

And, since our bags are limited-edition, you know your bag will stay as adorable and desirable as the day you purchase it. So let’s help you complete that purchase! 

4 cat purse designs for your kitty collection 

Cats do not generally make things easy for you. Taking them to the vet. Attempting a walk on a harness. Giving them a dreaded pill. 

That same can be said of cat purse designs. They were a pain in the fecking arse. 

But finally, after a year of trial and error, we were able to produce a cat design we loved. One that didn’t look like a possum, or like it had been struck dumb by lightning. One that brilliantly captured the gently arched back and swishy-tailed grace of a cat. 

And so here, at long last, are our extra fabulous cat bag designs. 

Orangey the Cat



Orangey the Cat was one of our original cat handbag designs - released on International Cat Day 2020. Named after the famous cat actor of Breakfast at Tiffany’s fame, this cat purse will shoot you straight into the limelight. 

He is, of course, a lovely orange colour, with golden eyes, tan leather handles and a cute red collar. This collar features a gold hoop, which can be used for attaching a name tag, your hand sani, a favourite keychain, or his tag-along mouse coin purse. 

All our wicker cat designs come with their ears wired on (ears we worked VERY hard on the placement for) so they can be folded down for safekeeping during shipping. 

Oscar the Cat



Oscar the Cat is our other OG cat purse design, and he is a bigger, bossier tom about town. This black and white tuxedo cat handbag has his nose in the air and tail floating mid-swish - alert yet relaxed. 

And he has every right to be both of those things. 

Alert because Oscar is named after the real Unsinkable Sam, who never knew when his ocean-fairing home would be sunk to the bottom of the sea (because, as it happens, this occurred three times). 

Relaxed because he survived every single sinking. 

Thus, the name, Unsinkable Sam. 

This cool cat may have lived on the water but he certainly can’t abide by it now. In fact, none of our wicker bags can, so it’s important to know how to care for wicker baskets & bags. 

Oscar the Cat handbag has the same red collar and beige mouse coin purse as Orangey, but PLEASE NOTICE his extra special hand painted whiskers. 

He is just so fabulous that we had to use his design in a whole new colour scheme. 

Armel the Cat



Meet Armel the Cat, our luxurious seal point cat handbag. 

As soon as I heard our atelier could do an ombre fade paint job, I just KNEW this cat needed to happen. So here he is in his grey and white ombre glory. 

While Armel may have the same wicker skeleton as Oscar, he is really set apart by his coat, his bright blue eyes and his even brighter blue bow collar - handmade by my dearest friend Skye (also known as Miss Hellpixie.)

In keeping with a sort of dear-friend-and-small-business-owner collaboration, Armel is named after the equally gorgeous Armel of Atelier 12 Bis

Armel the Cat comes with a leather mouse coin purse and detachable crossbody strap just like our other wicker kittens, so he is extra versatile. (Don’t say I never did anything for you.)

Fortuna the Black Cat Coin Purse



We don’t have a solid black wicker cat purse (YET), so for now, please get yourself excited for a very different sort of kitty. 

A mini coin purse kitty. 

That’s right, Wicker Darling is now offering stand-alone mini coin purse designs (you asked, we answered!) And, one of those designs just so happens to be a cat coin purse. Her name is Fortuna.

Why Fortuna, you might ask? Well, Pope Gregory IX has been giving black cats a bad name since he declared cats were the devil incarnate in 1233 - and it’s time we put a STOP to that!

Black cats are simply fabulous. I know, because I had a very fierce (and fiercely lucky) black cat named Vincent growing up. 

And Fortuna is just such a cat. One that is lucky, and will guard your coins with the utmost care. 

She is made of black leather with a durable fabric lining, and has a convenient metal clip attached so you can hang her on your luggage, your keychain, your handbag, or even your darn face! 

Look at those little pink ears and silvery whiskers. YOU CAN’T SAY NO. 

When in doubt, the answer is always more cats

For all the crazy cat ladies (and gentlemen and everyONE) out there, it is common knowledge that you can never have too many cats. The same applies to cat handbags. In fact, I think it makes complete sense for you to become a crazy wicker bag lady too. 

The good news for you fellow cat fanciers is that I have more cat purse styles in the works, so keep checking in to see when the next kitty comes peeking around the corner.