If you’re eyeing our designer animal-shaped accessories at Wicker Darling, there’s a good chance you’re fond of all things furry and feathered. And if you are as enamoured with animals as you appear to be, then maybe, just maybe, you would truly appreciate our vegan designer purses.

What better way to celebrate the glorious beasties we share our earthly home with than a figural animal purse on your arm? A purse that is completely devoid of animal products. 

An animal-shaped vegan designer purse, to be exact. 

Indeed, the adorable wicker creatures at Wicker Darling are the PERFECT purses and accessories for animal lovers. 

Is wicker sustainable? Absolutely. So whether you are vegan, a supporter of sustainable slow fashion, or an ambassador of cruelty-free products, you will find something to obsess about on our shelves. 

Now, not all the handmade handbags at Wicker Darling are vegan purses, but I have been listening to the feedback of my Wicker Family, and am working my hardest to provide more and more vegan designer purses for you, my devoted dumplings.

Why aren’t all our bags vegan purses? 

Well I’m going to answer that for you. And then, to make it easier to shop for our animal-shaped and animal-free products, I will round up our current (and soon to be coming) vegan designer purse offerings for your viewing pleasure. 

Why not all our wicker bags are vegan leather purses

All our products at Wicker Darling are steeping in an ethos of slow fashion, sustainable materials, and supporting local artisans. We choose our materials thoughtfully with durability, affordability, and sustainability in mind.

And this is precisely why I haven’t offered vegan leather handles for our wicker handbags. 

Hear me out. 

I’ve done extensive research into vegan leather options for our bags in an effort to make our products even more eco-friendly. Unfortunately, the carbon footprint of purchasing, harvesting, and then flying or boating the vegan leather to the atelier actually outways the benefits it provides. 

When you see a true leather coin purse or purse handle on our products, know that the material has been chosen mindfully to reduce the impact on the environment. We use top quality craftsmanship to ensure your purse lasts a lifetime, and won’t settle for poorly performing alternatives. 

We sometimes use animal leather because unlike fast-fashion vegan PVC and PU products (made from plastic), leather won’t end up in a landfill. We care deeply about this, which is why we make most of our designer purses pre-order only - so there is no waste. 

All that being said, I completely understand if you are against purchasing animal products of any kind. Which is why I’ve been experimenting with other options for vegan designer purses. 

  • First I tried wicker handles, but those didn’t seem to sell well at all. 
  • Next, I tried wooden beaded handles, and those fared much better. 
  • Then, I worked closely with our artisans in the Philippines to source plant materials for weaving into noses, closures, and full-on clutches!

Now, I have a full range of vegan designer purses of all shapes and sizes. Cotton handles, metal chain handles, wooden bead handles - you name it, we’ve got it. And we’re working to expand our vegan designer purse selection even more. 

So now, it’s time to introduce you to those vegan designer purses! 

Meet our stupendous vegan designer purses

I’m very proud to present this growing selection of vegan designer purses for your viewing pleasure. 

1. Vince the Cat

Vince the Cat purse is one of the vegan designer purses that has a special place in my heart. That’s because he’s designed after my very own childhood pet Vincent. Vincent was an absolute beast of a cat who kept all the neighbourhood critters in line. Vince, on the other hand, is a bit more demure. 

Vince the black cat purse is hand woven from wicker with eyes, nose, and closure made from plant fibres. His cotton webbing handles, orange polka dot cotton lining, and a satin tag. 

This adorable vegan designer purse is a great arm-candy for Spooky Season, but also a perfect pin-up accessory in every other season - especially if you are a cat-lover. 

2. Shelby the Turtle

Though turtles may have a reputation for being slow, we know this turtle clutch will be flying off the shelves. Shelby the turtle is one of our more recent vegan designer purses - and she is adorable. 

Shelby is made of rattan with a beautiful hand-painted shell. She features green cotton lining and gusset, and a gold metal chain and kisslock. We’ve asked the atelier to make the chain removable, so you can swap the handles for others of your choosing! 

3. Porthos the Pink Mouse Coin Purse

While Porthos is not a vegan purse, per se, he is certainly a vegan coin purse. He will make the most splendid addition to your Vince the Cat purse, but is equally adorable on his own as a keychain. 

Porthos the pink mouse coin purse is hand-crafted from plant fibres, and has a linen lining and metal zipper and hardware. He is just the right size for holding your coins, chapstick, and other bitty essentials.

4. Our beautiful Macaws Clutches

If you're looking for a vegan purse or clutch that is equally elegant and exuberant, why not take a gander at our lovely Macaws Clutches

These colourful parrot clutches are available in two colour ways: a black clutch with blue macaws, and a hot pink clutch with scarlet macaws. 

Our dainty clutches feature hand-embroidered birds on a woven plant fibre background. They have gold chain crossbody straps, and natural stone kisslock closures. These macaws clutches are a wonderful evening look, but are also ideal for holding your everyday essentials. 

5. The cheeky Rude Clutch

Some days you just can’t be bothered with anyone’s nonsense. And on those days, you need the Rude Clutch. The Rude Clutch features a pair of birds quite different from the ones Wicker Darling is generally known for. 

Birds you flip. 

Birds that will tell the world off for you quite nicely. 

This sassy black clutch is made of woven plant fibres with hand-embroidered obscenities. Completely, 100% vegan. You’re welcome. 

6. Nell-ephant the Elephant

It’s time to address the elephant in the room - and what a dainty elephant she is! So dainty you can hold her in your hand. Meet Nell-ephant, our vegan elephant clutch bag. With stubby little legs and droopy little ears, she’s simply the cutest pachyderm around. 

Slim little Nell has a woven wicker body, gold chain and kisslock closure, and pink cotton lining and gussets. Take her on safari, to the zoo, or to the market - so will be equally adored everywhere. 

7. The Magpie Clutch

Judgey. Vicious. Vibrant. The talk of the town. It’s the Magpie Clutch

With a hot pink background and the intense stare of two (very serious) magpies, you can be sure everyone will take notice of your latest vegan designer purse. 

The sassy birds are elevated by a gold chain handle and gold-rimmed white stone kisslock, as well as our iconic artisan craftsmanship. This vegan designer clutch purse is a true stunner. 

8. Our Tropicana Clutch

Sometimes you need some tropical vacay vibes in your life. And that’s where the Tropicana Clutch comes in. 

The Tropicana Clutch features two of my favourite birds, the toucan and (of course) the flamingo. Our warm-weather birds are surrounded by beautiful hand-embroidered hibiscus flowers and monstera deliciosa leaves - all resting against a pretty pale pink background. 

I can see the Piña Coladas already! 

If you’re looking for a vegan designer purse for your next beachy getaway, this clutch is just the ticket. 

9. Battie Page the Bat

Battie Page is a dark pin-up dream. This cheeky bat clutch is THE “it bag” for Halloween, but we’ll be donning her all year long because…look at her. Those big sparkly red eyes, those elegantly scalloped wings, those cute pointy little ears. YOU NEED HER. 

So it’s a good thing she’s vegan. 

That’s because unlike her brother Batholomew, Battie comes with a gold chain cross-body strap. No leather here folks! 

And, unlike some other bats we know, Battie does not hang around upside-down. If she did, she'd spill your belongings all over the sidewalk! She’s going against her nature JUST for you. 

As my very first clutch purse design, I’m rather fond of our wicker bats. I think you will be too! 

10. Easter the Rabbit

Somebunny special is hopping into our workroom very soon. An Easter somebunny. This pastel yellow Easter rabbit purse is chonky, adorable, and 100% vegan. Yellow wooden bead handles and a sunny yellow polka-dot lining make this beautiful bunny the cheeriest bag of the lot. 

Easter the Rabbit comes with a vibrantly embroidered Easter egg coin purse with flowers in bright pops of red, yellow, green, and blue. Not only would Easter make a perfect seasonal house decoration, he is happy to jump around town on your arm any time of year. 

You can even fill him with delightfully sweet snacks for the road. He is an Easter basket, after all. Treat yourself. 

BONUS: Our reusable tote bags

Now that we’ve shown off our vegan wicker creations, I thought it would be prudent to mention another of our vegan products - our reusable tote bags. These colourful totes come in a set of three and are perfect for protecting your vegan wicker wonders from weather of all kinds. 

You see, wicker cannot abide by water. Luckily, these trusty totes function very well as wicker bag raincoats. You can also use them as shopping bags, as they are quite sizable when unfolded. 

Keep one in your house, one in your car, and one in your vegan purse itself! Share your love of Wicker Darling with the world (please and thank you). 

Keep an eye out for more vegan purses!

If you’re looking for cute purses with a conscience, then raise a glass in celebration - because Wicker Darling has even more sustainable, slow-fashion, vegan designer purses on the way. 

What kind of critters will they be? Well, you’ll just have to sign up for our mailing list to find out! After all, I do love to keep secrets. 

But it’s not just vegan purses you have to look forward to. We’re even releasing a line of vegan wicker purse charms soon! We’ll have a bunny, a dog, a cat, a flamingo - you name it. So, whether you’re looking for cute animal accessories to add to your vegan leather bags, or you’re looking for a full-size vegan wicker animal - I will have all SORTS of options for you this year 

Some of them might even be in stock now. So, head check out our current wicker purses then look at our vegan clutches before you pop onto the Wicker Darling Instagram page to see sneak peeks of our new products.