Silk scarves are the picture of vintage, and have truly made their comeback in the world of fashion. With a silk scarf added to your ensemble, you’ll look like a fabulous Italian travel dream come true - but how on Earth do you learn how to tie a silk scarf!? 

Not to fret, if you want to learn how to tie a silk scarf, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve expanded my vintage collection to include not just designer handbags and animal-shaped mini coin purses, but cooky, quirky, flamboyant silk scarves. 

Silk scarves are timeless and work for every single season. They add a much-needed pop of colour to a neutral outfit, and add extra pizazz and interest to an already kaleidoscopic one. 

Small, thin, and lightweight, silk scarves are so easy to take on the go. You can put a few in your purse to switch out your look as needed, or pop them in (or on!) your carry-on for some extra gorgeousness while traveling. 

Our silk scarves are perfect for anyone who loves Wicker Darling designs but doesn’t have quite the budget to drop on our monthly wicker handbag pre-orders. They are also a great way to celebrate some of your favourite designs you may have missed out on purchasing. 

We are planning to release a whole range of silk scarves in different shapes and colours, which will start at a very reasonable price point - as low as $40! Our debut scarves offer a bit more luxury flare, with bespoke designs created by our very own graphic designer, Laura. (We couldn’t BE more pleased).

I will try to keep these silk scarves in stock as much as possible - so there is always something adorable to purchase for yourself (or a friend) on our website. 

Wicker Darling silk scarves are incredibly versatile, and can be used with any style of outfit. This makes them one of the best gift ideas for women (or men!) who love our colourful, ridiculous products. 

So let’s get into the nitty gritty of it. You want to know how to tie a silk scarf, and I’m here to tell you! Here are my favourite ways to tie your silk scarf for hair, hip or handbag. 

7 quirky ways to wear and tie a silk scarf

You are absolutely meant to have fun with our Wicker Darling silk scarves, and here are seven different ways to do so.

1. How to tie a silk scarf in a classic neck knot

The most classic of silk scarf styles will be given new life with a Wicker Darling design. To create a classic neck knot, fold your scarf in half to make a triangle, and roll the points down towards the long end to create a long tube.

Centre this two or three inch tube at the back of your neck and loosely tie your scarf over your collarbones so your knot hangs down away from your neck. 


You can wrap your rolled up scarf around your neck twice and tie a small knot in the front. 

Either of these simple styles will look extra chic and add polish to your ensemble. 

2. How to tie a silk scarf as a bandana scarf

Bandana scarves add extra sass to any outfit. This outlaw-inspired style allows you to display your Wicker Darling silk scarf print boldly to the world. (Because our bossy birds simply demand to be seen!) 

How to tie a silk scarf as a bandana is simple. Fold your square silk scarf in half on the diagonal so you’re left with a triangle shape. Now, with the point facing down toward your chest, tie the remaining two ends up behind your neck. 

This look is great for letting the pattern of your scarf shine through, and also for covering up low cut shirts when you want to be a bit more conservative. You know, in a flamboyant sort of way. 

3. How to tie a silk scarf as a bow tie 

If you want to dress up your look or add a touch of femininity to your outfit, using your silk scarf as a bow tie looks quite lovely. 

To do so, roll your scarf up diagonally, centre it at the back of your neck, and bring the two ends around to the front. Now tie the scarf into the prettiest bow you can manage. 

This look is ESPECIALLY cute when you can tuck your scarf under the collar of your shirt or dress. That being said, a silk scarf bow tie works equally well with jeans and a T-shirt or a luxurious vintage gown. 

It’s the perfect elegant accessory. 

4. How to tie a silk scarf as a retro headwrap

Learning how to tie a silk scarf in your hair is easy, but can be overwhelming. That’s because there are so many styles to choose from!

If you want to go for a retro pin-up look, you can put your hair up into a topknot or bun, roll your scarf on the diagonal to create a long rectangle of your desired width, and tie the ends in front. I like to knot the ends 3 or 4 times and then tucks the ends under the body of the scarf. 

Additionally, you can tie the ends into a cute bow, which you can place dead centre or slightly off to the side.

Or, instead of knotting the ends in the front, you can twist them over each other once and wrap the ends back behind your head again. Tie them in a knot at the back. 

One final way I like to wear my silk scarves in my hair is a draped vintage headscarf look. Fold your scarf in half diagonally and drape the long side over your hairline, tying the ends in a knot or bow underneath.

There are SO many ways to use a silk scarf in your hair, so perhaps you’d like to take some inspiration from this video on how to tie a silk scarf in 10 different ways

5. How to tie a silk scarf as a belt

You don’t have to wear your scarf around your neck or hair. At Wicker Darling, we’re all about being unconventional, and there are so many fun ways to add personality to your outfit through your silk scarf. Using it around your waist, for example.

Now, our scarves are probably a bit small to use as a belt on their own. But say, if you bought two or more styles (hint hint) they could wrap around your waist just so. (And there’s no such thing as too many silk scarves.)

If you just have the one scarf, you’re still in luck. You can tie your scarf lovingly around your belt loop, or fold it on the diagonal to achieve a thin rectangle and wrap it deftly around a belt in your collection. Swinging a beautifully printed tropical bird scarf from your hips will instantly liven up the most basic T-shirt and jeans ensemble. I ASSURE YOU.  

6. How to tie a silk scarf as a bracelet

You know we love some good arm candy at Wicker Darling, and who said your figural wicker bag had to be the only art draping off your lovely limbs? 

There are a multitude of sassy ways to display your stunning silk scarf on your wrist. You can:

  1. Fold your scarf on the diagonal to achieve a thin rectangle, wrap it twice around your wrist, and tie it with a simple knot or bow. You can even throw your watch over the top if you so choose!

  2. Fold your scarf in half on the diagonal and roll it down starting at the long side. You should leave the point of the triangle hanging out. Wrap the scarf around your wrist so that the point of the triangle hangs over your hand like a mini bandana. Secure with a knot.

  3. Grab a wrist bangle from your current collection and wrap your silk scarf around and around it (until you are satisfied) before popping the whole glorious thing on your wrist. Instant OOMPH. 

7. How to tie a silk scarf on your handbag

As a designer of artisan figural wicker bags, I simply couldn’t write a list of how to tie a silk scarf without including handbags on it. Which is all well and good, because silk scarves make FABULOUS accessories for your accessories. 

Most of our quirky animal bags - from Flamingo Montoya to Emily Bronte-Saurus - will look divine with a Wicker Darling silk scarf around their neck, and you know exactly how to tie a silk scarf now to do it! 

This is with the exception of our neck-less bags, like Wally the Wombat and Bubbles the Fish, but that doesn’t mean they can’t partake in the fun. You don’t need to limit yourself to neck knots and bows. Silk scarves are also perfect for dressing up the handles of your wicker handbags. 

Roll your silk scarf up on the diagonal and then start wrapping it around the handle of your handbags, tying it off at each end as needed. Or tie a cute bow around the handle of your bag. Maybe Moby Wicker the whale purse wants a tail scarf! YOU decide.

When it comes to accessorising your figural handbags from Wicker Darling, the choices are endless. With our selection of bright silk scarves, beautifully embroidered Australiana clutches and adorable mini coin purses, you will never run out of fun options for switching up your look. 

Wicker Darling silk scarves

Now that you know how to tie a silk scarf a million different ways, it’s time to purchase some Wicker Darling silk scarves of your very own! Or you could give them as gifts for vintage-lovers in your circle (and point them in the direction of this very informative blog post).

Our silk scarves feature some of our very favourite handbags on backgrounds with bright pops of colour. They make the perfect statement piece in any wardrobe, and will work exceptionally well alongside your designer wicker handbags