Australiana is what dreams were made of, and I feel incredibly blessed to have been born down under. 

With over 500 national parks, 60 wine regions, 19 UNESCO World Heritage sites and the one and only Great Barrier Reef, there are so many things to marvel at in this special sand island. 

We have brutal Outback deserts, sweeping, wide-open spaces, and more beautiful beaches than you could visit in a lifetime. While 40% of the country is uninhabitable, and the creatures in the other 60% seem hell-bent on murder, I simply wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

In fact, I completely celebrate living the Aussie lifestyle (as much as I complain about our politics), which is one of the many reasons I’m releasing a new line of products. 

While these products started as a celebration of Australiana, they have evolved into a veritable explosion of colour and expression in typical Wicker Darling fashion. (I know you expect nothing less). 

I’m incredibly excited to introduce you to this new Wicker Darling line. But first, if I may, a word about Australiana. That way, all Wicker Darling fans around the globe know what on Earth I’m talking about. 

What is Australiana? 

The term “Australiana” refers to anything that is a symbol of Australian life. 

Australiana prints could be a depiction of something particular to Australian culture or our Indigenous peoples, such as boomerangs, didgeridoos or Australian animals in distinct Aboriginal dot painting or cross hatched styles.

Because Australia is an isolated island of a continent, an exceptionally large proportion of its plants and animals are endemic. So, Australiana prints could also illustrate the glorious flora and fauna that are so unique in this part of the world.

Nearly half the birds, 87% of the mammals, and 92% of the plants found in Australia are ONLY found in Australia, making it a truly special place indeed.

Of course everyone knows about kangaroos, koalas, platypuses and dingoes, but Australia also has beautifully spotted quolls, smiley quokkas, cube-dropping wombats and the egg-laying mammal, the echidna.

We have the incredible lyrebird that can imitate child laughter, laser guns, and monkeys among other sounds. We have parrots of every shape, size and colour imaginable. And more beautiful flowers than you could possibly conceive. 

Unfortunately, Australia is also leading the pack when it comes to animal extinction, which is why we need to be fiercely proud of our unique Australiana, and do everything we can to protect and preserve it. 

I want to shout my Aussie pride to the world. And what better way to do so than with some Australiana art? 

Say...a wicker Australiana purse perhaps? 

We already have a whole menagerie of fine wicker purses. A cluster of clutches, just made sense as the next step to grow our collection.

Introducing the purse that’s going places

You may know I’ve been selling handbags online in Australia for over three years now, and have produced purses shaped like animals (and fruit) from all over the world - not just my backyard.

But because there is something so incredibly special about our Aussie roots, I felt called to produce a truly Australia-inspired piece of art. So I’m moving into new territory, and bringing you bags that go even more places and fit into even more occasions. 

Meet our new Australiana clutch purse


This adorable aquamarine clutch features a magnetic lock closure with turquoise stones and not one but FOUR Australian icons on its refined wicker background. 

As you know, I’m particularly fond of bird and (bird purses). So I’ve included a Sulfur-Crested Cockatoo, a Galah Cockatoo and a Rainbow Lorikeet for good measure. 

On top of these beautiful (and extremely Australian) birds, I’ve also added some yellow flowers, which may look simply like a nice background to some, but to any Aussie hold extreme significance.

You see, the Acacia pycnantha, commonly known as the golden wattle, is the official floral emblem of Australia. The golden wattle has thrived on our wind-torn, bushfire-ridden continent for 35 million years - which makes it the perfect symbol of Aussie spirit and resilience.

Go to any sporting event in Australia, and you won’t see red, white and blue - no matter that those are the colours of our flag. You will see yellow and green, after the wattle itself. It’s like apple pie to Americans or tea to the British. The wattle is Aussie AS.

This Australian emblem of a clutch may be all about my roots, but it’s ready to be shipped worldwide - with free shipping no less!

And of course, once I got started on this notion of clutches, I couldn’t simply stop with one design. 

But wait, there are more women's clutches!

There are many, many more clutch bags on their way, from a fuschia clutch with scarlet macaws, to a neutral clutch with Eastern Magpies to a pale pink clutch with a flamingo and toucan against a background of hibiscus and monstera deliciosa leaves. 

It’s not all birds and tropics either.

You’ve already been introduced to our unicorn clutch bag but we aren’t only about magic at Wicker Darling - we’re about SASS.

Which is why I am also releasing a completely unapologetic black wicker clutch with gold ball closures and two middle fingers straight in the air! (With some dainty red nail polish to boot. We aren’t COMPLETE heathens.) 

Why a clutch was a must-needed addition to the wicker family 

There is a lengthy history of handbags and women’s clutches, and in the modern age, one purse style simply doesn’t cut it.

We need OPTIONS. 

I’m absolutely in love with my figural wicker purse collection. And, rest assured, we will never be doing away with our artisan animal-shaped handbags. But, there are just some places a wicker chonk of a bag might not be the most convenient. 

If you just want a light little item to carry the bare essentials, then you really need a clutch bag - which is why I’ve chosen to provide them.

A women’s clutch, or a men's clutch, or a non-binary clutch (we aren't about labels here) is elegant and refined, and perfect for a night out when you don’t want to lug your life’s belongings onto the dance floor.

In this situation, a voluptuous bird purse just isn't practical. (And trust me - NO ONE will thank you for a flamingo beak in the back.)

Fret not, the wicker clutch purses from our collection are every bit as ridiculous and unique as our OG wicker bags. They simply add a hint of sophistication and practicality to your fabulous wardrobe. 

All our tips for how to style a statement bag will still apply here. Just swap your handbag out for your clutch - or even use it WITH your bag if you want to be extra outrageous. (I know you do.)

But carrying convenience and outfit elevation aren’t the only reasons I chose to design clutches.

It also had something to do with the accessibility of Wicker Darling merchandise. 

You see, it can be incredibly confusing for new customers to see SOLD OUT plastered all over our website, and even the most loyal Wicker Family members can feel disheartened when their budget doesn’t allow for more purchases for themselves or their loved ones. 

But I’m nothing if not a problem solver. 

How to purchase a Wicker Darling clutch

At Wicker Darling, we’re all about breaking the mould - so here we are again, shaking up our own rules. 

We are offering our clutch purse designs without a pre-order.


We are putting these clutches on site and in stock - available for purchase immediately. This makes them easier to purchase as gifts for vintage lovers, and means something special will always be available to buy at a budget-friendly price point. 

Now, I’m not making any promises on how long these items will be there, or when there will be stock available. That has very much to do with you mouse-clicking fiends, whom I cannot predict or control (nor would I ever deem to try.) 

If you want to buy out the entire stock of artisan Australiana clutches I won’t stand in your way. 

Which means there’s no less urgency to scoop up a clutch of your very own if you fall in love with one. 

Snatch up our handmade handbags from Australia 

There’s always something new at Wicker Darling, and while that usually refers to our monthly pre-order releases, it is also indicative of the new direction I’m taking with my business.

I’ve been listening closely to you, my sassy sausage rolls, and we’re diversifying our offerings. I can’t wait to surprise and amaze you with new product lines of every shape, size and price - each as glorious and ridiculous as the next. 

Our clutch purses contain our same attention to detail, quality, and craftsmanship of all our wicker designs. 

If you love Wicker Darling, and love the continent we call home, we’re just sure you’re going to be smitten with our new Australiana accessories. 

You just might be seeing these beauties coming available sooner rather than later. So get yourself on our mailing list - which is the only way to make sure you’re the first to know about everything happening at Wicker Darling.