It’s that time of year again. The time to celebrate all things wicker and pink and feathery long-legged fabulousness. And I know that’s EVERY month, but it’s especially true this month. That’s because this June marked the 3-year anniversary of our very first flamingo purse, Chile.

You know of him. You love him (who doesn’t?). And you probably know that it wasn’t just the beginning of our flamboyance of flamingos, but the beginning of IT ALL.

That’s right my convivial cummerbundles - this month is Wicker Darling’s BIRTHDAY

As most of you know by now, flamingos hold a very special place in my heart. (And if you didn’t know that, you must not have noticed our logo!)

Believe it or not, I never planned on creating the wacky wicker empire fueled by killer memes and floofy fur baby videos you see before you. In fact, when all this started, I really just wanted the perfect pink flamingo purse

When I couldn’t find the perfect flamingo handbag, I MADE one - and then I never stopped making purses! I simply couldn’t when I realized the absolute shortage of quirky, irreverent, sustainably-made handbag options were out there for us wacky wicker people.

So here we are, a few trips around the sun later. And, to celebrate turning three, I’m introducing you to a very special someone.

*drum roll*

Meet Annie the Anniversary Flamingo!

Annie is so many glorious shades of pink I’ve lost count. So she is JUST PINK ENOUGH for my purposes. 

This vibrant pink lady will feel right at home amongst our current flamingo (purse) flock. But don’t worry your little mind, she certainly knows just how to stand out. That’s because our latest addition to the flamingo handbag family has some beautiful plumage that’s been beaded to high heaven!

A special day called for a special pink flamingo purse. And we made Annie EXTRA special. Just look at her stunning two-toned feathery wings. They are positively dripping in seed beads - and it’s just the sort of extra exuberance we need for a birthday party debut. 

Now listen closely my kittens. Annie is here for the moment - and never coming back. That’s right - this flamingo bag is ultra-limited edition, and if you want to get your mitts on this beady, feathery, wickery goodness you’ll have to move fast!

And I know you all love surprises. 

If you manage to snatch up an Anniversary Annie of your very own, she will come with a surprise collector’s item.

The suspense! The intrigue!

Don’t you want her more than ever?

I’d like to think this pink flamingo purse is exciting enough all on her own though. She’s just the sort of elevated and flamboyant flamingo look the flock has been waiting for. 

Three years ago, Chile the Flamingo was my perfect pink flamingo purse. And when I proudly held the first Chile prototype in my hands, I never could have possibly imagined where Wicker Darling and my rattan menagerie would be today. 

But to celebrate our growth - the growth of the team, the company, my wicker bag and basket visions, and my much adored Wicker Family (yes, I’m talking to YOU) I’m so proud to release the pink flamingo purse I might have dreamed of on that day three years ago if I had only known how.

And no matter where you are joining us from, or when you started this journey with us, I’m so thankful you’re here today to celebrate the love of all things quirky with us. 

Happy Birthday Wicker Darling! 

Happy Birthday Miss Annie! 

Welcome to the family to everyone,