Dinosaurs may have ruled the earth once, but now they are perfectly content to rock your closet. And lucky for you, Wicker Darling is serving up some prehistoric realness with our figural wicker dinosaur purses.

Per usual, our wicker bags are just killing us with cuteness. 

I don’t care what anyone says - dinosaurs are not just for kids. And they are certainly not has-beens. In fact, I think dinosaurs are absolutely TIMELESS. I mean, they were what walked the earth before we even existed (or had a concept of time)! 

Thus, it’s high time that our Jurassic and Cretaceous cuties in the Wicker Darling family had their own moment in the spotlight. 

Maybe it has something to do with my love of birds (they are related afterall) but there is just something about dinosaurs (and specifically dinosaur handbags) that I just can’t get enough of. From humble herbivores to toothy T-rexes there's literally a dino for everyone to love.

Which is why I look forward to slowly growing my collection of dinosaur purses - and you should too. 

Just in case you aren’t convinced, I’m going to plead my case for why dinosaurs are just the most magnificent things that ever walked the Earth (besides flamingoes that is.) 

3 Reasons why dinosaurs still rule my world 

There are just about a million reasons why I love dinosaurs and my sweet little dinosaur purses but here are three of the main ones. 

1. We should always respect our elders

Some (ill informed) people give dinosaurs a hard time with their “failure to adapt,” but YOU try ruling the world for over 160 million years! 

If you need a comparison, humans have only been around for about 6 million years. So THERE. 

Dinosaurs would probably laugh in the face of 60’s vintage (though, we do love that). A vintage wicker purse has nothing on a dino, who has somehow stayed so darn cute over millions of years. 

Dinos are actually the epitome of resilience. 

They reigned unchallenged for a longer time than our little brains can fathom - and then some of them even survived a MASSIVE ASTEROID (that gave us those super cool cenotes in Mexico - by the way). 

YOU try doing that. 

What dinosaurs survived you may ask? Why our feathery flocks of birds of course! There is plenty of research showing that birds are the direct descendants of dinosaurs. Just look up “avian dinosaurs” why don’t you?

So in a way, dinosaurs are STILL around today, making them the longest-lived creatures we know of on Earth.

They came before us, and will possibly be here after we are gone. And there is something incredibly awe-inspiring about that. It makes our own lifetimes and problems seem simply small in comparison. 

2. Dinosaurs are just so darn interesting! 

In 1842, an English naturalist named Sir Richard Owen coined the term “Dinosauria” to describe dinosaurs. This name came from the Greek words “deinos,” meaning “terrible” and “sauros,” meaning “lizard.”

But deinos doesn’t only mean “terrible.” It also means astounding, marvelous, wondrous, strange, and powerful. Those are all words that I think capture the essence of a dinosaur quite perfectly. 

Dinosaurs are truly marvels of size, speed, power, and adaptability. 

Just look at their diversity! Dinosaurs the size of bunnies, dinosaurs the size of blue whales, dinosaurs with plates and spikes and spines and fins and horns and clubs and claws and pointy, pointy teeth. 

It’s hard not to fall in love with the battering ram that is Pachycephalosaurus, or the resplendent silhouette of a spiky Stegosaurus. 

There are dinosaurs that swim and fly and crawl and speed staggeringly quick across the land. 

When it comes to dinos, there is always something to be in awe of. 

3. Dinosaurs keep our inner child alive 

I think it’s safe to guess that a good majority of us went through a dinosaur phase as children. 

It’s just that some of us never grew out of it.
*slowly raises hand*

Oh, I know there is the stereotype that dinosaurs are for boys...but poo on all of that! I was building glorious block houses for my dolls just so my dinosaur toys could rip them down. 

I couldn’t get enough of those fantastical beasties. And I know many of you just MUST have felt the same. You saw your first drawings of long-necked sauropods and armoured Ankylosauruses - or a towering T-rex skeleton at a Natural History Museum - and you were smitten. 

And who could blame you? Conjuring up images of a dino-ruled world was just as much fun as picturing one with unicorns or dragons - except you knew for a fact that dinosaurs were real. Real, but no less magical.

Dinosaurs let us run completely free with our imaginations, and become more well-versed in something than our parents (which at the time felt pretty cool). 

These creatures still hold a precious place in my heart. There is something just completely spectacular about them. So, naturally, I had to honour them by designing some wicker dinosaur purses...

Meet the dinosaur purses from Wicker Darling!

As of writing this article, Wicker Darling has two beautiful behemoths in our dinosaur family. But I see no reason to NOT expand to MORE dinosaur purses. One can never have too many green dinosaur purses (or pink, or purple, really, who knows what colours I’ll conjure up). 

In fact, I quite like the idea of a whole big Victorian-inspired dino family scampering around at the shop. 

Indeed, my very first dino design was a T-rex, but I am STILL trying to get the shape and balance right on him - stay tuned kiddos. 

At the very least, you can expect some more gloriously hefty herbivores - and a few new colour iterations of our current faves. So, without further ado, let me introduce you to the fantastic age-defying dinosaur purses who are already gracing our doorstep. 

Marvelous Mary the Triceratops

Mary the Triceratops is a delightful chonk of a dinosaur purse. She is a lovely vintage shade of aqua which pairs beautifully with purple, red, yellow, pink, and matchy-matchy hues. She looks a little washed out in her studio photos. Please don’t judge her, she’s just not used to all this modern electric lighting! 

In person, you’ll be delighted at how vibrant and vivacious this thick little lady is. If you check out Wicker Darling on Instagram, you can get an idea of just what I’m talking about. 

This sassy Ceratopsid was actually named after Mary Anning, the daring fossil collector and paleontologist from the early 1800s. I can think of nothing more fitting than plopping her name right on a dinosaur handbag (I’m sure she would be pleased). 

Mary has all sorts of character from snoot to foot and features her three trademark horns, a splendiferous frilly crown (YAS QUEEN), curvaceous limbs, and bright turquoise shoulder straps. 

Mary is also quite a big girl. She measures 21 inches from top of nose to end of tail and 19 inches around her belly. the better to hold your valuables my dear.

Tree-topping Charlotte Bronte-saurus

Charlotte Bronte-saurus is one heck of a stompy sauropod. She took her neck - and our pre-order numbers - to record-breaking heights! 

This Brontosaurus babe is a stunning dark green dinosaur purse with a light green belly, tan leather shoulder straps, and a hot pink interior - giving me some sassy watermelon vibes. 

I don’t know if you missed the big scandal, but there were 3 or 4 years where scientists tried to say that the beautiful Brontosaurus of our childhood was NOT A REAL DINOSAUR. 


Thank goodness the record was set straight. This Brontosaurus is not a misnamed apatosaurus but a dinosaur in her own right! 

I would like to think Miss Charlotte’s name inspiration is quite obvious (in keeping with that Victorian theme) and I actually have some of my lovely and devoted followers to thank for it! I often look for punny names from customers, so if you are interested in naming one yourself, you’ll have to pop over to our Instagram page and look alive! 

And, in case you didn’t know, the name Brontosaurus itself means “thunder lizard” in Greek, which is just about the best dinosaur name I can think of, and a name I sometimes quite like to go by myself.

The real Brontosaurus (YES, very much REAL) was about 22 meters long and weighed up to 17 tons, but our very own thunder lizard is a mere 18 inches from nose to end of tail and 18 inches around the belly, making her even daintier than Mary! 

What makes your dinosaur purse so precious 

The dinosaur purse and other wicker animal bags at Wicker Darling are lovely created with sustainable practices and high-quality materials, in limited numbers. 

That means your dinosaur purse will always be unique, and you can feel good about your purchase, because you are supporting the slow fashion movement. 

That’s because we work with small family businesses and local artisans in the Philippines to keep craft traditions alive - and put food on the tables of some truly incredible wicker wonder women in the process. 

The rattan for our designer wicker handbags is locally sourced, so it cuts down on the carbon footprint, and is woven and painted by hand. When you finally receive your dinosaur purse, it will be worth it, because we take the time to create absolute quality for you. 

Plus, a dinosaur handbag is such a unique purse that it’s sure to be a conversation starter everywhere you go. And (bonus here) you can connect with like-minded dino-lovers along the way. 

Since your love of dinos is everlasting, you want your dinosaur purse to be too! 

If you would like your thunder lizard to stay as timeless as the day she was born, it’s important to know how to care for your wicker bag. But don’t worry, we make it easy for you! 

Hey, we’re all about looking after our own at Wicker Darling, so come on down and join the Wicker Family! 

Start the prehistoric party of your dreams!

Dinosaurs are just so effortlessly timeless, they will never go out of fashion. So it definitely makes sense to have at least a FEW of them in your wardrobe. 

At Wicker Darling, we’re THRILLED to be bolstering your dino-obsession, and would love to supply you with more and more dinosaur purses to add to your collection. 

You never know, a Bagosaurus Rex or Steg-atha Christie might just come stomping into the pre-orders next, so keep your eyes peeled and your mouse fingers ready for clicking!

There’s sure to be another Jurassic giant around the corner, so pop by the Wicker Darling store to see if any dinosaur purses are in stock right now.