Hey there you beautiful bundle of light and love. I see you looking at those Wicker Darling handbags. And, who could blame you? These unique handbags are total hams.

I bet you’re wondering what you’ll wear with one of these wicker bags once you sign up for pre-order or Afterpay. 

Or maybe you’ve been meticulously crafting your outfits all year for your menagerie of wicker beauties and are just popping by for some extra inspiration. 

Well girl, do I know a thing or two about painting the town with these whimsical wicker wonders. Which just so happen to be hand painted.

And whether you’re a pin-up princess, retro reina, or simply love a good animal on your arm - I’ve got plenty of tips for styling your looks with your unique handbags.

But what is it that makes a Wicker Darling handbag so special? (I mean, besides those cute little faces.) 

Let me tell you all about it. 

Wicker Darling: truly unique handbags in Australia 

If you’re an avid wicker collector like myself, then you know it’s incredibly hard to track down novelty wicker handbags at affordable prices. And, you may be sacked with exorbitant import taxes on top of that. 

That’s why I have lovingly created exceptional-quality figural handbags in exclusive numbers - with accessible price points. 

When you choose a unique handbag from Wicker Darling, you’re getting the fruit of hours of careful thought and meticulous hand weaving. 

That’s right, there’s no fast-fashion when it comes to these gorgeous designer bags. A Wicker Darling handbag is a long, loving process to create a character-filled partner for your every adventure. 

These bags are one-of-a-kind, statement pieces that spark conversation and inspiration in everyone around you. 

Not only are these bags exclusive, whimsical, and dripping with charm, they also support a good cause. We work with a family-owned company in the Philippines that employs local artisans to keep traditional craftsmanship and weaving techniques alive. 

And the majority of these weavers are bad-ass women like you, who have been given this opportunity to work from home and support their families. 

The hours of love and labor mean that Wicker Darling bags come in limited numbers, and you’ll most likely be the only one around with such a sassy wicker friend. If you do see someone else with your bag, then you’d better track them down because they are your SOUL SISTER. 

So now that you know a bit about what sets your designer wicker handbag apart, it’s time to talk about how to showcase it! 

My top 10 style tips for rocking your unique handbags 

You’re already a fashion icon. You don’t give a hoot about the trends, and why should you? You SET them. 

You dance to the beat of your own ridiculous bongo drums and I’m your biggest fan for it. 

But every now and then we all love a little quirky inspiration, and we know you like the wack-a-doo things my brain produces or you wouldn’t be here in the first place.

So without further ado, let me lay it on thick with my favorite tips and styles for highlighting your fabulous wicker handbags.

1. Sock all about it 

Get crazy with your socks - and I mean cah-RAY-zy. 

Let some eye-catching rainbow socks peek out from under your sandals, and pair them with your magical rainbow Victor the Unicorn bag.

Some cute little hedgehog socks might make a nice friend for Orangey the Cat. (You see how well he gets along with his mouse.)

Maybe you even want to mismatch your socks today. Who’s to say you can’t? Flamingo Montoya has always looked just smashing in two shades of pink. 

The louder, the zanier, the more colorful - the better for wearing with your unique handbags. 

2. Channel those tropical vacay vibes 

Darling, when rocking one of my unique handbags, you can dress those curves like you dropped right out of Bali.

Bring on the jungle prints! 

There’s nothing more delicious than a monstera deliciosa skirt, and a tropical, A-line, button-up dress with a collar will make Tallulah the Toucan and Iva Cockatoo feel right at home. 

Our cheeky birds aren’t the only ones who love a bit of tropical fun - when you’re actually sunning on the sand in your high-waisted retro bikini, you’ll look like such a snack that Marcus the Sharkus will want to tag right along. (But don’t worry, he rarely bites.)

3. Get pretty in pink 

It’s no secret I’m partial to pink. It’s simply the best color there is. 

If you don’t believe me then take it from Lola the Llama. She wears pink every day, and she’s living her best life. 

Go right now and search for a hot pink bikini with a flamingo on it. I’m serious. The pink bikini is going to be fan-flippin-tabulous with your Chile the Flamingo bag. 

Heck, I created this whole company because I needed more pink flamingos in my life. 

That’s right. Pink is a NEED. 

Shoes, skirts, fingernails, hair...all of the above! Just get more of it on your body. 

4. Chase that rainbow 

Now I know what I just said, but you don’t need to wear pink and only pink. Although there are certainly days where it’s the sole color I wear and that’s just perfect too.

Grab a piece of clothing in your favorite color. Okay now grab another color. And another. DON’T STOP! When it comes to unique handbags, you can treat your body like a whole darn paint palette.

Of course, you’re already aware that Victor and Viv are HUGE fans of rainbow, and just look at mister fancy-pants Percy Peacock with those flashy feathers. 

If you have one of these unique handbags on your arm, you’ll want heaps of color to match. 

5. Go bananas (or any fruit!)

Repeat after me: fruit is always a crowd-pleaser. 

Your dashing Walter Melon bag is basically begging to join you on a sunny day.

And don’t get me started on this Fineapple. He will look so cute with your fruit-print dress - so if you don’t have such a dress, then for the love of lemons go find one! 

I’m always a fan of fruit earrings too. Grab some big old pineapples or cherries and pop them on those lobes. 

An apple a day may keep the doctor away but it sure is a conversation starter - just like your pineapple Wicker Darling handbag! 

6. Pop that pout straight out of town

Our flamingos are proud to sport colorful mouths and you should be too. 

A head-turning lip is always a good choice when you’re out and about with your unique handbag. 

Of course, red is always a classic, but you can also wear a bold fuschia lippie, or try out that bright ombre lip you saw online. 

Glitter lips? Why not? Paint that pucker like you mean it!

7. Make that bag your mini-me

It’s time to get twinning. I want you to transform yourself into a living, breathing model of your stunning statement handbag. 

Get matchy-matchy. If you’ve got Oscar the Cat as your fur-ever friend, then throw on cat shoes, a cat belt buckle, cat earrings, a cat necklace. Oh, I’m getting excited here! 

You could even throw in mice or fish if you felt like it. Or try out that cute cat ear hair trend. You’ll look paw-sitively marvelous. 

8. Go for brooch 

I love a good vintage brooch. Any broochie knows this beautiful accessory can be just as much of a conversation starter as your stunning Wicker Darling designer handbag. 

If you’re cuckoo for colorful vintage steals like me, then you’ve probably already amassed a trunk of these beauties in your bedroom. And, if not, it’s never too late to start. 

Pop on down to that vintage store and have a look. Or maybe raid great-aunt Margaret’s closet. She’s sure to have some gems. 

And you don’t have to wear your brooch in a way that’s expected either. You can add an alligator clip to the back of it and wear it in your hair. Maybe try it out as a belt buckle. Your options are endless. 

9. Stick your neck out

Oh, this old scarf? Who’s to say it can be the only wardrobe gem? It’s gonna be extra fabulous with your unique handbag. You can wear a scarf yourself, and match it to your bag or your shoes - or both!

You can also dress up any of my unique handbags by adding a colorful scarf (in complementary or contrasting colors) to the handles.

Or wrap a summer scarf around the head-turning neck of Charlotte Bronte-saurus and add your brooch to that. (The scarf my dear, not your lovely dainty dinosaur purse!)

10. Have a hair-raising good time 

So we’ve already covered cat ears and cornucopias of fruit for your splendiferous noggin. But why on earth would we stop there? 

When you’re playing with vintage and pin-up fashion - you have so many options in your toy box. 

Bring on the headbands, the hats, the flowers (single, bouquet, or crown), and the bold-printed hair turbans.

Grab the biggest bow you can find and plop it down right on top of your thinker. 

That’s much better.

And if you are looking for a unique handbag that will really match such sensibilities, then look no further than Mary the Triceratops. She is all about that fierce crown life. 

Let your inner wacky wicker woman SHINE my dear

You can never be too daring with your wardrobe. If you think it’s over the top - add more baubles. Chunky sunglasses, crazy shoes, flashy gloves, a wide waist-belt - even a fun printed face mask! 

Anything you adorn yourself with can only accentuate the charm of your wonderful wicker pet. 

And, if you’re looking to add to your novelty wicker collection, I may just have some unique handbags on sale! But you’d better look fast, because these cuties don’t stick around for long. With limited numbers, and just one feature item and one return item per month, these are hot-ticket totes!

Pop on over to Wicker Darling and take a gander at our wicker menagerie. While you’re at it, check out this month’s featured wicker bag. She’s a stunner just like you.

And, if you need more style inspiration, or just can’t wait to have more wicker bags blowing up your newsfeed, come join our Wicker Family! We’ve got all the latest vintage designs and fashions - and a ton of good memes.