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Keep him to heel with your choice of either rattan or leather handles - please make your choice above.

Our handbags are designed in Australia and lovingly handcrafted by artisan weavers in the Philippines. As such, each and every beautiful sausage dog bag will have minor differences, whether it's in the weave of the wicker, leather work, or other finishings. These are a unique signature of expert craftsmanship

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Product Details

Chorizo the dachshund handbag measures approximately 14 inches end to end, with a head approximately 6 inches long. This waggish sausage dog purse stands 8 inches toe to shoulder, and has a belly circumference of approximately 17 inches.

Chorizo the dog purse features an opening of 5 by 4 inches, and the internal compartment is wide and deep enough to comfortably fit your wallet, a smart phone, and a chunky set of keys.
This stylin’ sausage dog handbag is lined in pink cotton, with a small internal pocket.

Chorizo is available in two variations: one style features leather handles and a fancy red leather collar with a hoop, and the other features wicker handles and a dapper little shirt collar. Strut this pup in style with your choice of either rattan or leather handles - please make your choice from the drop down menu!

As always, your Wicker Darling bag will be delivered with a soft, branded pink dust bag for storage, a rose gold logo pendant, and a hand-numbered and signed collector card.

Chorizo is the Sausage Dog wicker purse is handcrafted using artisan Filipino weaving techniques and made from sustainably grown, hand harvested rattan sourced from farm cooperatives, the Wicker Darling dachshund shaped handbag is elegant and fun, just like you!

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We ship once a week, pending Australia Post availability. 

Australia Post is experiencing significant supply and postage delays, and is periodically pausing collections of mail. While we aim to post our in stock bags ASAP, please be aware postage is likely to be slower than usual as a result. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

For more detailed information, please view our detailed FAQs page or contact us directly with your question.

Where are your bags made, and what from?

They're handmade by our family-owned ateliers in the Philippines! Our wicker bags are made from sustainable rattan (wicker refers to the method of woven construction, rattan is the material). Rattan is a non-timber and naturally renewable palm which can be sustainably harvested, and as such provides an environmentally friendly alternative to forest logging. Our rattan is harvested by hand, from local farmers and co-ops - minimising carbon footprint while supporting local growers. The cultivation, harvest and use of rattan is invaluable to livelihoods throughout Asia, and fundamental to traditional Filipino craftsmanship.

Bag linings are either linen (sourced from flax), or cotton (sourced from ... cotton).

Can you explain how your products are ethically produced?

Wicker Darling bags are woven from sustainably, ethically harvested rattan. Our ateliers source rattan from local co-ops and farms to support their communities and to minimise the distance the materials travel. Rattan is sustainably grown, harvested by hand, and by-products are composted. 

Bags are handmade by traditional artisans, providing employment with a focus on marginalised communities and nurturing traditional skills and handicrafts, and fostering micro-businesses and individual artisans. 

The overall aim is to reduce our environmental footprint as much as possible, and to provide meaningful, fairly paid employment opportunities to our Filipino artisans. 

What are material substitutions?

Due to ongoing material shortages and supply delays, our ateliers may occasionally need to substitute materials during production, leading to differences between the sample and finished bags. Usually these will be minor, such as substitutions to hardware on bags. Occasionally it may be more significant, such as a different colour of leather for the straps. Where we feel a substitution is significant (such as different colour leather), we will contact our customers to confirm if they are happy to go ahead or would prefer to cancel their order. 

Is the uneven dye or fraying on my bag a fault?

Our items are handcrafted from natural materials by our ateliers in the Philippines. As such, each and every bag will have minor differences, whether it's in the wicker, leather work, placement of finishings such as ears, eyes and tails, or in the dye work of the raffia.

These are not faults, but rather a signature of hand craftsmanship from natural materials, and we consider these characteristics to be what makes each of our small batch items a unique and limited edition piece of art. 

If your bag arrives with series damage, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team.

Can I request a customisation to my bag?

No, we are unable to offer custom changes to our bags, no matter how large or small. It creates a logistical nightmare along the entire line, from us having to keep track of who has ordered which change, to the production manager, atelier, workers etc who have to track that one bag different from the rest. We respectfully ask that you don't request customisations to your individual bag, as the answer will always be a hard no.