We’ve gone a bit batty at Wicker Darling - with a full-blown bat purse collection! Thanks to the (very unanticipated) success of my first bat purse, Batholomew, an entire line of adorably spooky bat accessories has flown the cave.

And soon, one could be on its way to your door! 

I have to be honest; I never thought that seasonal accessories would hold much sway in my Wicker Family. And GOODNESS was I wrong! 

I made a few dozen bat purses for an in-stock surprise…and ended up being the one in for the surprise. As soon as I posted hints of a bat-shaped purse on social media, HUNDREDS of people were flocking to the design.

There simply wasn’t enough batty splendour to go around! In fact, Batholomew the bat purse sold out in just one minute! And so, a second round of bat purse designs was commissioned. 

Our original bat purse designs 

Because Batholomew performed so splendidly, I decided to release more of him for pre-order. 

But I was in for another surprise.


Wicker Darling's green-eyed Batholomew bat purse


Some of the purses I received from the atelier were the green-eyed Batholomew, and some, a slightly more savage red-eyed bat purse.


Wicker Darling's Battie Page the red-eyed bat purse


Clearly this batty beauty needed her own name, and thus, we dubbed her Battie Page!

Batholomew and Battie Page were a tremendous hit with dark pin-ups, rockabilly aficionados, and spooky season enthusiasts alike. And I’m not sure why I was so shocked, given that I am a bit obsessed with spooky season myself. 

So it was decided that spooky season releases would become a bit of a thing. And, naturally, bat purse designs needed to be a part of that this year. 

The all-new bat purse collection for 2022

This spooky season, I decided it was time for not just one new bat-shaped purse design, but TWO.

In keeping with tradition, we’ve changed the eye colour - and voila! - Elizabat Bathory the orange-eyed bat purse was born. Of course, it wasn’t just the eye colour we changed. We switched out the leather strap for a chain strap (not featured), so all our new bat designs are decidedly vegan!


Wicker Darling's Elizabat Bathory the orange-eyed bat purse


Now, if you thought Battie Page was slightly creepy, Elizabat takes it to a whole new level. She was named after an infamous Hungarian serial killer. Talk about a spooky purse! Of course, this bat-shaped purse is still every bit as adorable as her predecessors. 

Of course, no purse collection at Wicker Darling would truly be complete without a coin purse option, and thus, I designed a bat coin purse too!

Meet Batholomew Jnr. the bat coin purse. This adorable bat coin purse is modelled after the OG Batholomew, albeit in much smaller packaging. AND, many will be pleased to hear that Batholomew Jnr. is 100% vegan.


Wicker Darling's Batholomew Jnr. the bat coin purse


That means there is something for everyone to love in our bat purse collection! No matter what shape or price point of bat accessory you’re looking for, I feel confident we have you covered this year around.

See you for the next fang-tastic release!

Since spooky season releases are now very much a thing at Wicker Darling, you can expect to see a few more bats and creepy (but cute) critters crawling around our workroom. 

Maybe it will be something new and unexpected like our candy corn coin purse. Or maybe it will be a much-beloved bat in a new style or colourway. You just don’t know, and that’s the fun of it. You’ll simply have to stay tuned and keep an eye out for our latest unique purses and bags!