Designer wicker handbags will always be a summer staple for many, but not everyone will have one that’s completely one-of-a-kind, high quality, and (not to mention) handmade.

Notable designers have capitalized on the wicker basket trend over the years, by creating unique handmade handbags to replace a traditional wicker basket. Wicker Darling has taken the wicker bag trend to the next level.

Just take a look and you'll soon discover why so many have fallen in love with our handmade handbags and why they stand out from the rest. 

At Wicker Darling, we offer unique and irreverent wicker figural bags in limited edition numbers. These handmade handbags are a celebration of fun, fabulous fashion, and friggin' aDORable animals. 

We can think of a million reasons to have one of these little cuties on your arm, but so we don’t get into TLDR territory, we’ve narrowed it down to our top ten reasons to buy unique handmade wicker handbags of your very own!

1. They are unique figural designs

If you have a soft spot for quirky-cute fashion accessories, you’re in for a treat. Our handmade wicker bags come in various fantastical forms. 

Have you ever dreamed of owning a designer wicker handbag that’s in the shape of an elephant? Perhaps a pineapple, unicorn, or even a dinosaur?

Our figural designs are truly one-of-a-kind collector' items for those who are looking for a statement - yet OH so functional - handbag. 

Wicker Darling handmade handbags were born from our founder’s desire to own a flamingo-shaped wicker bag. As an avid lover of novelty wicker handbags, and having no luck in finding that special wicker wonder, Jasmine decided to design her very own.

And so Wicker Darling was born. 

From cats to sharks, llamas, and much more, indulge in your love of designer wicker handbags like no other.

2. They are of high quality

If you’ve ever heard of the term “fast fashion,” you can appreciate the value of purchasing handmade handbags.

More often than not, fast fashion outlets mass produce products replicated on certain trends. It is also highly likely that these products won’t last more than a few months. That’s devastating!

By making sure you follow the appropriate means of caring for your wicker bag,  you’ll have a fun, quirky handmade wicker handbag for years to come! 

3. They are exclusive

Avid wicker bag collectors will know it’s not easy to find vintage-inspired wickers. It can be a challenge to find designer handmade handbags in Australia made of wicker. Not to mention the fact that should you find one, both vintage and contemporary finds can be ridiculously expensive. 

Let us also consider the fact that the majority of these discoveries will be outside Australia, meaning you will be dealing with factors such as exchange rates and import taxes, too. We say nay to extra expenses!

We wanted to bring you high-quality wicker handbags that not only satiate your love for wicker but also treat those with a love for all things adorable and idiosyncratic too. Each design is available in limited, exclusive numbers, with high-quality craftsmanship, at a more accessible price point. 

Each item and collection has been conceived of and designed by the owner of Wicker Darling, and is sent to you with a hand numbered and signed authenticity card. We take immense pride in our work and products, and it shows!

4. They’re a great retro fashion trend

For those of us who eat, sleep, and breathe vintage or retro fashion, our handmade handbags are a dream come true. Apart from their novelty figures, these handmade handbags in Australia offer vibrant colors to perfectly match your 1950’s-inspired cardigan and swing skirt! 

Picture this: A white button-down cardi and your favorite brightly colored printed pencil skirt perfectly paired with Victor the Unicorn. Add your favorite set of pearls and you’ve got an outfit set for brunch with the girls! 

You can also add a bit of vintage flair by adorning your handmade handbag with your favorite silk scarf. We see this scarf adornment working particularly well with Belle-elephant the Elephant or Marcus the Sharkus for an added pop of color.

Another firm favorite use for our handmade wicker handbags - when you’re not using them as functional bags, they make remarkable decor pieces for your home too! Transform your lounge area with a cheeky pose from Percy the Peacock. We all know how bold he can be, after all. 

5. They are perfect for spring/summer

Over the years, mainstream celebrities have shown off their love for designer wicker handbags each spring or summer. You don’t have to be a retro fashion lover to incorporate a handmade Wicker Darling handbag to your collection. 

Let’s go over some ways to style your handmade handbag so you can rock the world like it’s your own private runway.

Wear it with white

A handmade wicker handbag would pair wonderfully with an all-white outfit. Pairing your Wicker Darling designer handbag with white clothing will make your pretty purse stand out even more than it already does! 

Picture a pair of white skinny jeans, or a simple white summer dress, with Lola the Llama or Victor the Unicorn tagging along. They’re certain to stand out amidst the contrasting white outfit, and give your look some added summer flair.

Jazz up your denim 

Denim is such a versatile material. You can easily dress it up or down, and in most cases, denim makes a wonderful staple outfit for almost any event. With your new favorite eccentric handmade handbag, add a bit of sass to your boyfriend cut - or jazz up your skinnies with a bright buddy bag. 

No matter your preferred style of denim, your Wicker Darling handmade handbag will always take your look to the next level.

Dress to impress

Have a dress that seems a bit casual and you want to add a bit of zest to the look? We’ve all been there, but with a colorful handmade handbag, your plain Jane dress can be injected with color. A look that matches your ravenously amazing personality! 

6. They make a super cute collection

We get it, the individuality of each handmade handbag is just too gorgeous to not show off. Whether you have just started your wicker handbag collection, have just a few already, or are evening thinking of beginning a wonderful wicker journey...have you dabbled in showcasing these beauties in your home? 

With our designer handmade handbags in Australia, you can easily add a pop of flair to your living area by celebrating them as key decor pieces! Just be sure to keep them away from direct sun, and your pets. As cute as the union of your pooch may be with Oscar the Cat, we wouldn’t want to risk any damage to your darling.  

7. They are made with love

At Wicker Darling, we always say, “If you aren't happy single, you won't be happy dating. Happiness comes from novelty handbags - not from being in a relationship.”

Let’s touch on what it actually means to purchase designer handmade handbags and how we help the relationships go the distance. 

As you know, our Wicker Darling handbags were born out of passion. Handmade often means your item is produced by artisans who love their job, have incredible passion, and put a massive emphasis on paying attention to every little detail.

Someone who has a genuine love for (in this case) unique handbags, would want their product to have a long life! And with our high quality materials and craftsmanship, you’re sure to have a carry on companion for years to come.  

Every single handmade handbag is an individual item, and it will never be the same as any other. This is because they’re produced at the hands of an artisan and not a machine.

Fast fashion means mass production. Handmade means hours of passion and manual artistry. 

Wicker Darling came to fruition through such passion. Our handmade handbags in Australia have been made to stand apart from the rest. We are original, strange, distinct, and fabulously fun. 

handmade handbags made with love

8. They are conversation starters

Wicker Darling handbags are wearable pieces of art. It’s almost guaranteed that donning one of our characters will attract quirky queries!

Because of their distinctive designs, you can be sure your Oscar the Second Tux Cat will be asked about, adored, and of course, will amp up your outfit no matter the occasion! 

As a conversation starter, our designer wicker handbags are guaranteed to do the trick.

Going to an event where you might not know many people and conversation-starting doesn’t come naturally to you?

Here’s where you grab onto your conversation piece - something that gives you confidence, something unconventional that’s guaranteed to drive up a chat. That something? Your latest designer wicker handbag -- of course.   

9. They have social impact!

When you choose to purchase handmade handbags, not only are you buying incredibly high-quality goods, you’re also choosing to support small businesses and artisans. Wicker Darling handbags are handmade by a family-owned business based in the Philippines. These artisans specialize in traditional Filipino mastery, and hand weaves each bag. 

Another aspect to purchasing our designer wicker handbags is that we are mindful of carbon footprints, and use rattan material that is sustainably harvested, by hand, from neighboring farms. 

Our handbags, in many ways, keep local arts and crafts traditions alive, and provide employment opportunities to men and particularly women. Many of our wicker weavers are mothers or older women who are afforded the opportunity to work from home, supplementing family income. When you purchase a Wicker Darling handmade handbag, you’re not only giving a fantastic gift to yourself but to other families as well.

10. They make perfect gifts

The last reason to buy a handmade handbag is that they truly make the perfect gift. For all the reasons listed above: the superb quality, the feel-good cause of supporting small businesses, the uniqueness of the product and so much more. 

These extraordinary handmade handbags in Australia make the perfect gift for a very special person - someone who has a fondness for the unusual, retro, quirky things in life.

Take home your very own handmade wicker handbag
If you’re looking to invest in a handmade handbag in Australia, we’re so glad you found us! Whether you’re looking to extend your collection of Wicker Darling figural designs, or are on the hunt for a one-of-a-kind handbag that’s going to turn heads and fit in perfectly with your quirky sense of style - we’ve got you covered! Head on over to our shop page to browse our original menagerie! and more. We can’t wait to have you join the family.