It’s o-fish-ial, we’ve got the cutest fish purse around. This bright and bubbly beauty is the perfect poolside accessory, but no matter where you take him, you won’t have to fish for complements. They will come in droves! 

While each and every one of our wicker bags is unique and special, I’d like to think this fish-shaped bag is a cut above. And so, it’s time that he received the credit he’s due. 

Meet Bubbles the fish purse 



Bubbles the fish purse is one of my very favourite designs. One that feels the most ME. Part of that has to do with his vibrant, cheery colour scheme. 

Just LOOK at him. Bubbles the fish features a bright aqua body with hand-braided and hand-dyed details in fuchsia and royal blue. As if that weren’t enough, he’s got bright pink pom poms, silver spangles, and a rainbow of sequins - all sewn on by hand.

That makes this fish-shaped purse one of the most detailed designs we have ever made. He is also one of the most unique, since all the hand detailing will differ from individual purse to purse - ensuring no fish purse is quite like YOUR fish purse. 



Rather than sporting one of our typical chain or leather handles, our loveable disco fish has a handle made of hand-painted blue wooden beads (which are meant to reference bubbles, of course). 

Bubbles is 43cm from tail to fish lips, 63cm around his belly, and 23cm tall. He has ample space to house your phone, wallet, and favourite lippie, which you can access through his cute little pink-rimmed neck. While it might feel a little rude to lift his head off, we promise he doesn’t mind. 

The fin-spiration behind Bubbles 



The colour scheme of our lovely fish-shaped purse was inspired by a very special children’s book. You probably know the one. A certain rainbow-rific and decidedly vain little fishy who learns to share. 

Bubbles the fish-shaped purse doesn’t have a vain bone in his body - but you won’t need to share a single thing about him. In fact, he is very good at keeping your possessions hidden from wandering eyes. 

When you purchase your very own Bubbles the fish purse, you may notice something is slightly different about him. That’s because, when asked, my wicker family told me they preferred a magnetic closure to the wooden bead closure pictured in the product photos. 

So your (very special) Bubbles will come with a very cute, very strong, and very pink magnetic strip on his forehead. With his sturdy magnetic closure, this fish-shaped bag will ensure all your belongings stay safe - no matter WHERE you both wander. 

Take this fish purse for a spin



If you’re a land-bound merperson, then you simply NEED this sidekick tagging along for the day. He would love to go to the beach, the aquarium, or any other water-based outing - so long as you don’t ACTUALLY get him wet.

You see, this fish-shaped bag is made of wicker, and wicker simply can’t abide by any water. That doesn’t stop Bubbles from looking absolutely adorable in an aquatic setting, though. 

And he’s pretty darn cute in ANY setting if I do say so myself. 

Oh won’t you give this little fish a friend? He so longs to come play with you!