Hello you fabulous flamingo you!

Welcome, welcome, welcome to the wonderfully whimsical world that is Wicker Darling. Here, we’re all about the ridiculous, colourful, and irreverent. 

Whether you’re looking for a standout piece (like our classic vintage-inspired wicker bags), or a gorgeous accessory to take your outfit from done to DAZZLING - we’ve got you covered.

Animal shaped Purse Wicker Darling Oscar the cat purse is a black and white cat purse with mouse coin purse that sits in front of a colourful backkground
Wicker Darling

The Brand

Here at Wicker Darling we’re proud to be a leading company in sustainable production, fair living wages for our weavers, and support and love for our incredibly diverse audience. You can read more about the history of our brand (as well as our odd-yet-entertaining origin story) here

If you aren’t already, we highly recommend you follow us over on Instagram. Our fabulous founder Jas is renowned for her regular posts (which range from insightful and intriguing to downright hilarious and entertaining) to show you upcoming designs as well as an inside look behind-the-scenes of our design and production process.

Our Mission

As a brand we are committed to the sustainable and ethical production of all of our bags. In line with this, our classic handbags are offered on a pre-order basis. What does this mean, you ask? Each month, we announce two to three designs we'll be making available for pre-order that month (we typically make this announcement around mid month). It might be an older design, it might be a new design. It might be an older design in a new colour! 

Towards the end of the month, we make those two or three designs available to pre-order for a period of five days. You can purchase your desired bag/s at any time during the pre-order period. Once pre-orders close, we get started on production. (Special note here: we HIGHLY recommend joining our newsletter to be notified about upcoming designs and when pre-orders open). 

Further, as a brand we actively make our luxurious pieces as accessible as possible. In line with this, we offer payment plans on our handbags - you can read more about this here!

We do this for a few reasons:

1. Many of you (our amazing customers!) have told us you prefer this to the mad rush that often happens when we release something in stock, and some people miss out due to being unavailable (hello, work schedules and time zones).

2. This ensures far less waste since there is no leftover stock to be disposed of. Pre-orders mean happier customers, and a happier planet. 

You can read more about our pre-order process here.

Animal Handbags Wicker Darling Hippolyta the hippo shaped purse sits eating sweets in a colourful background

We’re here for you, darling!

We absolutely adore each and every magnificent magpie in our Wicker Darling community. Whether you’re a longtime Wicker Darling collector, or completely new to us, we have so much love for you.

Feel free to engage with us on social media, we love to hear from you! And if there are any questions you have that we haven’t answered here or on our FAQ page, feel free to reach out to us at via email anytime.